Monday, January 21, 2013

Garner, Heikkinen and Kudelski

16 autographs acquired since the last post.  For a change there are no certified autographs this week, the only letters in my mailbox being directly from the players. 

Tyrone Garner and Brad Norton
Tyrone Garner played 3 games for the Calgary Flames during the 1998/99 season.
Brad Norton made his NHL debut with the 01/02 Florida Panthers.  He played 124 NHL games between the Panthers, Kings, Capitals, Senators and most recently the 06/07 Detroit Red Wings.  His older brother Jeff also played in the NHL.
Ilkka Heikkinen and Julien Vauclair
Defenceman Ilkka Heikkinen played 7 games for the 09/10 New York Rangers and was held pointless. 
Julien Vauclair played 1 NHL game for the 03/04 Ottawa Senators.
Bob Kudelski and Yvan Joly
Bob Kudelski spent 8 years in the NHL.  He was a 1994 NHL All-Star.  Because of a mid-season trade that season he played 86 regular season games, tying an NHL record. 
Yvan Joly suited up for the Montreal Canadiens on 3 separate occasions during the early 1980s. 
Peter Ciavaglia and Lee Norwood
A Harvard alumni Peter Ciavaglia played 5 games for the Buffalo Sabres in the early 1990s.
Lee Norwood has well over 500 NHL games played to his credit.  He played for the Nodiques, Capitals, Blues, Red Wings, Devils, Whalers and Flames.
Larry Huras and Doug Shelton
Larry Huras played 2 games for the 1976/77 New York Rangers.  He’s currently coaching in Europe. 
Doug Shelton played 5 games for the 1967/68 Chicago Blackhawks. 
Roland Cloutier and Steve Clippingdale
Roland Cloutier split his 34 game NHL career between the Detroit Red Wings and Quebec Nordiques. 
Steve Clippingdale played 17 games for the 1976/77 LA Kings and 3 games for the 1979/80 Washington Capitals. 
Brett McLean and Dan Trebil
Brett McLean made his NHL debut with the 02/03 Blackhawks and went on to play 5 full seasons in the NHL.  He was a member of the Panthers and Avalanche post 2005 lockout.
Dan Trebil played 95 NHL games between the Ducks, Penguins and Blues. 
Patrick Fischer and Brady Murray
In Patrick Fischer’s only season in North America he played 27 games for the 2006/07 Phoenix Coyotes.  He scored 4 goals and 10 points for the Desert Dogs.  He’s currently an assistant coach in Europe.
Brady Murray played 4 games for the 2007/08 LA Kings and scored 1 goal. 

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