Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Leeb Brothers

16 new NHL autographs added since the last post.  I’m working on calculating my grand total of unique NHL autographs and its close to 3000, a milestone I’ll almost certainly reach at some point this year. 

Matt Donovan and Mat Clark
Matt Donovan was called up briefly by the 11/12 New York Islanders and made 3 NHL game appearances.  His mark in hockey history is being the first player born, raised and trained in the state of Oklahoma to reach the NHL. 
Defenseman Mat Clark played 2 games for the 11/12 Anaheim Ducks.  He was a second round pick from the 2009 draft. 
Brendan Mikkelson and Chris Van Velde
Brendan Mikkelson is entering his fifth NHL season.  Currently playing for the Tampa Bay Lightning he has also suited up with the Anaheim Ducks and Calgary Flames.  His father, Bill, also played in the NHL and his sister, Meaghan, won an Olympic gold medal with the 2010 women’s Olympic hockey team. 
Chris Van Velde has played 17 games for the Edmonton Oilers.  
Jonathan Audy-Marchessault
Jonathan Audy-Marchessault just made his NHL debut for the Columbus Blue Jackets this past week.  I now have the whole set so I hope more of these former Remparts make the big leagues.  Audy-Marchessault is an undrafted left winger who has racked up points on every team he’s played for. 
Nick Drazenovic and Bracken Kearns
Nick Drazenovic played 3 games for the 2010/11 St. Louis Blues.  He has since signed with the Blue Jackets but has yet to receive a call up from the team.
Son of former NHLer Dennis, Bracken Kearns saw 5 games of NHL action with the 11/12 Florida Panthers as a 30 year old rookie.  He took the long road to the NHL as an undrafted graduate of Calgary University.
Brad Leeb and Greg Leeb
Between 1999 and 2002 Brad Leeb played a total of 4 games for the Vancouver Canucks.  His fifth and final NHL appearance came with the 03/04 Toronto Maple Leafs. 
Brad’s older brother, Greg Leeb played 2 games in the NHL for the 2000/01 Dallas Stars. 
Carl Wetzel and Jerome Mrazek
Carl Wetzel made a career of being a journeyman goaltender.  He played on 16 different teams over a 15 year career.   He made his NHL debut with the 64/65 Detroit Red Wings, playing in 2 contests.  He later played 5 games for the expansion 67/68 Minnesota North Stars and finished his career with a 1 game appearance in the WHA for the Minnesota Fighting Saints. 
Jerome Mrazek’s NHL career lasted 6 minutes tending goal for the Philadelphia Flyers.  This game came during the 75/76 season. 
Risto Jalo and Ivan Droppa
Risto Jalo’s only taste of North American hockey was a brief 3 game stint for the 1985/86 Edmonton Oilers.
D-man Ivan Droppa saw 19 games of NHL action during the mid 1990s with the Chicago Blackhawks.  He played in the 1998 Olympics with Team Slovakia. 
Gordie Clark
Born in Scotland but raised in New Brunswick, Gordie Clark played 8 games for the Boston Bruins in the mid 1970s.  He also part of the 78/79 season in the WHA with the Cincinnati Stingers. 
John Byce
John Byce scored 4 goals in a 29 game NHL career that came while he was a member of the early 90s Boston Bruins. 
Milan Kytnar
While clearing some space I came across a bunch of old junior autographs I had obtained years ago.  Most are now completely out of hockey but Milan Kytnar got a 1 game emergency call up with the 2011/12 Edmonton Oilers and now moves into my NHL autograph collection.  

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