Monday, January 14, 2013

Laviolette, Rudkowsky and McVicar

24 new autographs acquired since the last update.  TTM autographs dominate this post for a change. 

Peter Laviolette
Peter Laviolette played 12 games for the 1988/89 New York Rangers. He’s better known as a bench boss and guided the Hurricanes to the 2006 Stanley Cup. This is Laviolette's first and only certified autograph.  They are limited to /199 but don't show up all that often so this is the first star of my mail post.  
Gabriel Bourque and Greg Nemisz
As an NHL rookie Gabriel Bourque played 43 games for the 11/12 Nashville Predators and scored 7 goals and 19 points. He has no relation to Hall of Famer Ray.    
Sine 2012 Greg Nemisz has played 15 games for the Calgary Flames.  He was their first round pick of the 2008 draft. 
Cody Rudkowsky and Rob McVicar
Rudkowsky appeared in 1 NHL game for the 2002/03 St. Louis Blues. 
Rob McVicar played 3 minutes of a single game for the 2005/06 Vancouver Canucks.  He’s a rare post 04/05 lockout goalie with no certified autograph. 
Richie Hansen and Steve Junker
Rich Hansen played 20 NHL games.  18 for the Islanders of the late 1970’s and 2 for the 81/82 Blues. 
Steve Junker played 3 playoff games for the 92/93 Islanders and 5 regular season games for the 93/94 New York Islanders. 
Esa Pirnes and Graham Mink
Finish centerman Esa Pirnes played 1 season, 57 games, in the NHL with the 03/04 LA Kings.  He scored 3 goals, 11 points and then returned to Europe.
Between 2003 and 2009 Graham Mink managed to play 7 NHL games for the Washington Capitals.
Micheal Haley and Nick Holden
Since 2010 tough guy Micheal Haley has played 43 NHL games for the New York Islanders. 
Defenseman Nick Holden appeared in 5 games for the 2010/11 Columbus Blue Jackets.
Rob Klinkhammer and Dick Tarnstrom
Robert Klinkhammer played a game for the 2010/11 Chicago Blackhawks and 15 games for the 2011/12 Ottawa Senators. 
Defenseman Dick Tarnstrom has played over 300 NHL games between 2002 and 2008.  His best season in the league was a 16 goal and 52 point season for the 03/04 Pittsburgh Penguins.
Bjorn Melin and Peter LeBoutillier
In 3 games for the 2006/07 Anaheim Ducks Bjorn Melin socred a single goal.  It was his only season in North America, mostly spent in the AHL.
Between 1996 and 1998 Peter LeBoutillier dressed in 35 NHL games.  He scored 2 goals but racked up 176 penalty minutes.  
Al Hangsleben and Ron Lalonde
Al Hagsleben spent 8 years between the NHL and WHA.  He suited up for the New England Whalers of the WHA and the Hartford Whalers, Washington Capitals and Los Angeles Kings of the NHL. 
During the 1970s Ron Lalonde appeared in just under 400 NHL games.  He played for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals.
Norm Dennis and Tom Tilley
Norm Dennis was called up for a total of 12 NHL games with the St. Louis Blues over 4 seasons.
Through 4 season with the Blues Defenseman Tom Tilley played just under 200 NHL games.
 Kjell Dahlin and Mike Polich
Swede Kjell Dahlin played 3 season of NHL hockey for the Habs, his most notable as a rookie in 1985/86.  He was a solid contributor on the Stanley Cup winning team having scored 32 goals and 71 points in 72 regular season games. 
Mike Polich’s first taste of the NHL came in the 1977 playoffs with the mightly Montreal Canadiens.  His 5 playoff games were enough to get his name on the Stanley Cup.  He only played half a dozen games as a Hab but did manage 3 full NHL seasons as a member of the North Stars. 
Ed Hatoum and Andy Brown
Born in Lebanon, Hatoum moved to Canada at 10 years of age.  He would play 47 NHL games and 52 WHA games.  He broke into the NHL as a rookie with the Detroit Red Wings but is more notable for being a member of the inaugural Vancouver Cannucks of 1970/71.  His time in the WHA was split between the Chicago Cougars and Vancouver Blazers. 
Andy Brown, son of NHLer Adam, played in the NHL for the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins before jumping to the WHA.  He is notable for being the last NHL goalie to play without wearing a mask.
Brandon Convery
Brandon Convery broke into the NHL with the 1995/96 Toronto Maple Leafs. He would go onto see a little time with the Vancouver Canucks and LA Kings.   

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