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1973/74 Winnipeg Jets Program

One item to show in this post, a 1973/74 Winnipeg Jets WHA program signed by 20 players.
The program produced 10 autographs for my collection and 10 traders. 5 of the new autographs are WHA only players and 5 go into my NHL collection. With the 5 additions the new grand total of unique NHL player signatures grows to 5,136 for 69% of everyone who's every played in the league since its creation in 1917.
My most regular search on places like ebay is for old signed hockey programs, not just from the NHL but WHA and AHL programs are even more desirable for me as they tend to produce the rarer autographs I now seek. The one problem I find with signed programs is that many sellers want some pretty crazy prices for them. The reality is, there isn't a huge market for signed programs that are generally hard to display. I do love to pick them up when the price is right. 

The Program:

The signed pages:

Final product:

5 for my NHL autograph collection

Bob Woytowich
From 1964 to 1972 Bob Woytowich played over 500 games in the NHL. The Defenceman spent time with the Bruins, North Stars, Penguins and Kings. Woytowich, of Polish descent, is notable for being the first captain of North Stars history, from 1967 to 1968. He later spent 4 seasons in the WHA, playing for the Winnipeg Jets and Indianapolis Racers. Woytowich passed away almost 30 years ago so his signatures aren't easy to find and it was the first autograph on this program that caught my attention. Unfortunately he died rather young when he had a heart attack while driving and carshed. 

Kelly Pratt
Kelly Pratt's first season as a pro was spent with Bobby Hull's 1973/74 Winnipeg Jets, were he scored 4 goals and 10 points in 46 WHA games. Pratt later moved to the NHL, playing one season with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Pratt recorded 6 points in 22 career NHL games with the 1974/75 Penguins.

Jim Hargreaves
Defenceman Jim Hargreaves was drafted 16th overall by the Vancouver Canucks in 1970. From 1970  to 1973 he played 66 NHL games with Vancouver. He later spent 3 seasons in the WHA, playing for the Winnipeg Jets, Indianapolis Racers and San Diego Mariners.

Ron Snell
From 1968 to 1970 Ron Snell played 7 NHL games with the Pittsburgh Penguins, scoring 3 goals and 5 points. From 1973 to 1975 Snell played 90 games in the WHA with the Winnipeg Jets.

Larry Hornung
From 1970 to 1972 Larry Hornung played 48 regular season and 11 playoff games in the NHL with the St. Louis Blues. He found more success in the WHA, playing almost 400 games from 1972 to 1978. In the WHA he played for the Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers and San Diego Mariners. The defenceman was even named to the 1972/73 WHA All-Star team and in 1976 he helped the Jets win the Acvo Cup as WHA champs. Hornung passed away from cancer in 2001.

These 5 go into my WHA only collection of autographs.

Ted Hargreaves
Ted Hargreaves made a name for himself with the Canadian national team, helping Canada win a bronze at the 1968 Olympics. From 1969 to 1971 he was property of the Toronto Maple Lefas but was unable to crack the NHL roster. Hargreaves later played 1 season in the WHA, scoring 7 goals and 19 points in 74 games with the 1973/74 Winnipeg Jets. Hargreaves passed away in 2005 from a battle with cancer. 

Ken Stephanson
Defenceman Ken Stephanson was property of both the Detroit Red Wings and Boston Bruins in the 1960s but was never able to crack an NHL roster. He spent 2 seasons in the WHA. Stephanson played  77 games with the 1972/73 Ottawa Nationals and another 29 WHA games with the 1973/74 Winnipeg Jets. 

Dan Spring
Dan Spring was drafted 12th overall by the Chicago Blackhawks in 1971 but was never able to make the NHL roster. From 1973 to 1975 Dan Spring was a member of the Winnipeg Jets and from 1975 to 1976 played for the Edmonton Oilers. Over those 3 seasons he scored 39 goals and 90 points in 201 regular season WHA games. His brother, Frank, was also a pro hockey player and made it to the NHL.

Jean-Guy Gratton
Jean-Guy Gratton spent 3 years in the WHA with the Winnipeg Jets, scoring 31 goals and 72 points in 188 games.

Cal Swenson
Cal Swenson spent two seasons in the WHA with the Winnipeg Jets, playing over 100 games for the club. He passed away in 2014. 

The last 10 autographs I already had and have been added to my tradelists:
Bob Ash
Dunc Rousseau
Danny Johnson
Ernie Wakely
Norm Beaudin
Duke Asmundson
Ab McDonald
Nick Mickoski
Joe Zanussi
Bobby Hull

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Mail - AHL Autos & Custom Cuts

23 new autographs added since my last post. The new total is 5,131 unique NHL autographs for 69% of everyone to every play in the league since it was created in 1917. 
In This post I've got a mix of autographs that were purchases online, at the local hobby store and a few TTM response.
There have been a few NHL players over the past couple years who's only signature was in Upper Deck's AHL releases. The autographs aren't terribly common so I'm happy to cross a bunch off the wantlist at once.
Shanahan was one of those that's been a long time coming. He was one of just a few modern day stars I didn't have. The remaining being just Jagr, Messier(incoming), Yzerman and Roy.
 A bunch of these autographs come from the local card shop here in Charlottetown, Backmandy. Not a big place but its packed with all kinds of great stuff. I found a few signatures I needed in a stack of signed index cards. I also bought a team signed St. Johns Maple Leafs program from the early 1990s for $10. I was hoping that with the amount of signatures on the thing there was bound to be at least one I needed, and at that price it was worth it. There ended up to be just one NHL autograph and a second for my NHL backups collection. The one NHL players, however, was a nice one to mark off the wantlist as Sharples was one of the last modern day NHL goalies who's signature I needed. There's also 3 TTM autographs in the post. I've recently sent out a handful of new envelops, my first batch in months. 

Brendan Shanahan
Brendan Shanahan was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2013. He's got a lengthy hockey resume. Shanahan won the Stanley Cup in 1997, 1998 and 2002. He won an Olympic Gold in 2002 and in 1994 he had also won Gold at the World Championships, making him a member of the prestigioius triple gold club. Shanahan was a seven time NHL All-Star, scored over 650 goals in the NHL and 2003 won the King Clancy Trophy. He's currently President of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Kael Mouillierat
Undrafted, Kael Mouillierat played four years of college hockey and then worked his way up from the ECHL to the AHL, finally making his NHL debut in his fifth season of pro hockey. Mouillierat scored 1 goal and 2 points in 6 games with the 2014/15 New York Islanders and played another 1 NHL game with the 2015/16 Pittsburgh Penguins. He's currently playing in Sweden.

Garrett Wilson
A 2009 draft pick, Garrett Wilson made his NHL debut with the 2013/14 Florida Panthers. He played 24 NHL games with Florida over 3 NHL seasons. Wilson recorded no points and 2 fights. In 2016 he was signed by the Pittsburgh Penguins but has yet to move up from their AHL club.

Garnet Hathaway
An undrafted forward, Garnet Hathaway was signed by the Calgary Flames after four years of college hockey at Brown University. He recorded 3 assists in 14 NHL game as a rookie with the 2015/2016 Calgary Flames.

Michael Keranen
Swedish forward Michael Keranen played 1 NHL game with the 2015/16 Minnesota Wild. He was signed by the Wild as an undrafted free agent in 2014. Keranen has since gone back overseens and is now playing in the KHL.

Cole Schneider
Cole Schneider spent a few seasons with the Ottawa Senators but all of his time was spent playing for their AHL club. Schneider made his NHL debut in 2016 with the Buffalo Sabres after being traded to the club in February of the same year. Schneider played 2 games for the 2015/16 Sabres and has already played a handful of NHL games with the 2016/17 Sabres. 

Marek Hrivik
Slovakian forward Marek Hrivik was never drafted and after 3 years in the QMJHL with the Moncton Wildcats he signed with the New York Rangers as a free agent. In his fourth season of pro with the Rangers organization Hrivik made his NHL debut, recording 1 assist in 5 NHL games with the 2015/16 Rangers.

Mark Pederson
From 1989 to 1994 Mark Pederson scored 35 goals and 85 points in 169 regular season NHL games. Pederson played with the Montreal Canadiens, Philadelphia Flyers, San Jose Sharks and Detroit Red Wings. Pederson was a profilic goal scorer in the minors and was drafted 15th overall by Montreal in 1986. Pederson scored 40+ goals in all of his 3 seasons in the WHL and then did it again in his first pro season with Montreal's AHL team. He scored 53 goals in his second season in the AHL but was never able to translate that success to the next level. 

Chris Lindberg
From 1991 to 1994 Chris Lindberg played 116 regular season games in the NHL, suiting up for the Calgary Flames and Quebec Nordiques. He's most notable for helping Canada win a Silver medal at the 1992 Olympics. Lindberg contributed 1 goal and 5 points in 8 games during the tournament.

Craig Martin
Craig Martin played 20 NHL games with the 1994/95 Winnipeg Jets and 1 NHL game with the 1996/97 Florida Panthers. In 21 career NHL games he recorded 1 assist and 4 fights. He squared off with NHL tough guys Stu "Grim Reaper" Rimson and Rob "Rayzor" Ray. 

Joe Day
From 1991 to 1994 Joe Day played 72 games in the NHL, dressing with the Hartford Whalers and New York Islanders.

Bob Fryday
From 1949 to 1952 Bob Fryday played 5 games in the NHL for the Montreal Canadiens, scoring 1 goal. Fryday passed away in 2007.

Warren Skorodenski
From 1981 to 1988 goalie Warren Skorodenski played in 35 NHL games. He suited up for the Chicago Blackhawks, where he's best known for his mask, and later with the Edmonton Oilers.

Scott Sharples
Scott Sharples played 1 game in the NHL with the 1991/92 Calgary Flames. He spent his last year of pro hockey, 1992/93, with the Leafs organization but spent most of his time in the AHL. I'd tried writing to him a couple times and he was one of only a handful of modern day NHL goalies whose signature I didn't have. This was a nice find on an old AHL program.

Jason Ruff
From 1992 to 1994 Jason Ruff played 14 games in the NHL, splitting that time between the St. Louis Blues and Tampa Bay Lightning. He was a prolific scorer in the minors, including a 42 goal season with the 1994/95 IHL's Atlanta Knights.

Jean-Mark Richard
Defenceman Jean-Mark Richard played 4 NHL games with the 1987/88 Quebec Nordiques and 1 NHL games with the 1989/90 Nordiques. He recorded 2 goals and 1 assist in his first stint with the Nords.

Aldo Guidolin
From 1952 to 1956 defenceman Aldo Guidolin played 182 regular season games in the NHL with the New York Rangers. In the late 1970s, Guildolin returned to the NHL as coach of the Colorado Rockies. He passed away last year.

Ross Johnstone
Ross Johnstone is most notable for winning the 1945 Stanley Cup with the Toronto Maple Leafs. From 1943 to 1945 Johnstone played 42 NHL games with Toronto. He passed away in 2009.

Alan Rittinger
Alan Rittinger scored 3 goals and 10 points in 19 NHL games with the 1943/44 Boston Bruins.

Clifford "Red" Goupille
From 1935 to 1943 defenceman Red Goupille played 222 regular season games in the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens. He passed away in 2005. 

Gary Morrison
From 1979 to 1982 Gary Morrison played 43 regular season games in the NHL with the Philadelphia Flyers. He recorded 1 goal and 16 points.

Sylvain Couturier
From 1988 to 1992 Sylvain Couturier scored 4 goals and 9 points in 33 NHL games with the Los Angeles Kings. He's the father of NHLer Sean Couturier. I think this was the third time I tried sending to Couturier via the Acadie Bathurst Titan so happy to finally hear back.

Don Spring
From 1980 to 1984 defenceman Don Spring played 259 NHL games with the Winnipeg Jets. He's also notable for playing with Team Canada at the 1980 Olympics. Spring was born in Venezuela but raised in Canada.

As usual, I'll end the post with notable recently acquired autographs that fall outside of my NHL players collection. 

Mark Richards
Mark Richards appeared in an NHL game as a backup goalie with the 1992/93 Winnipeg Jets. One of the main reasons I'm happy to find a Mark Richards autograph on a program is that because is name is so common, its hard to locate him post-hockey career.

Wayne Forsey
From 1979 to 1987 NHL official Wayne Forsey worked 600 regular season and 23 playoff games. He had been a decent hockey player and in 1971 had been drafted by the New York Rangers.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Overdue Mail Post

Its been a long time since my last autograph update, but for good reason. Over the past few months I've moved back to PEI from Ottawa, a distance of over 1,300 KM for those not familiar with Canadian geography. I was offered and accepted a full time position in Charlottetown. Its a dream for someone my age to find a full time job on the Island, my home province. Thus far I've managed to make it this far in my autograph quest on a meagre student budget. With some cash flow I hope to finally be able to make some vingate autograph buys on sites like ClassicAuctions and build my pre-1960 signature collection. In fact, I currently have my eyes on a few pieces and I hope to real in at least one nice vintage item soon.

Over the past couple months a few purchases and a few TTM requests trickled in. One package of autographs came from a trade I did months ago and the bubble mailer was postmarked April! So it only took half a year to get to me, thanks again postal service.... A package from also represents the newer certified autographs here. I've been utilizing their mailbox feature, leaving me an even happier customer. For those not familiar with this service, I can buy cards on ebay from the United States and instead of having them shipped to Canada, at $10+, I can get the cards sent to my American account and they get added to my larger shipment for a small fee. Its incredibly cost effective for those of us who hate spending more on shipping than the actual card.

67 new autographs have been added since my last post, raising the grand total to 5,108 unique NHL player signature for 68.6% of everyone who has every played in the league since its creation in 1917.

Eric Nesterenko
I've had this card on my wantlist for a long time as its Eric Nesternko's only certified autograph. From 1951 to 1972 Nesterenko played over 1,200 games in the NHL and then later played for the 1973/74 WHA's Chicago Cougars. He was a solid contributor who netted over 500 points through his NHL career. Nesterenko is perhaps most notable for helping Chicago win the 1961 Stanley Cup.

J.P. Kelly
Like Nesternko, this is J.P. Kelly's only certified autograph and I'm happy to finally cross it off my wantlist. Kelly was a very surprising name to see have a certified autogrpah released so long after his retirement. From 1979 to 1986 he played 400 NHL games with the LA Kings and he's perhaps most notable for winning the team's 1982 and 1983 unsung player award. 

Simon Nolet
Simon Nolet made his NHL debut with the expansion 1967/68 Philadelphia Flyers. He scored 23 goals for the team in 1971/72, earning a trip to the NHL All-Star game. In 1974 he helped the Philadelphia Flyers win their first ever Stanley Cup. That summer he was claimed by the Kansas City Scouts in the expansion draft. He was named the franchise's first captain, a title he held for two seasons. In 1974 his career high 26 goals earned Nolet his second trip to the NHL All-Star game. His last season was with the 1976/77 Colorado Rockies, serving as team captain.

Alex Henry
From 2002 to 2009 stay at home defenceman Alex Henry played 177 games in the NHL. He was a member of the Edmonton Oilers, Washington Capitals, Minnesota Wild and Montreal Canadiens. He's also notable for being captain of the Minnesota Wild for the month of October, 2005. This card was somewhat of a white whale for me as I've been searching for one for a long time. This Bowman CHL card is Henry's only certified autograph.

Jamie Benn
Jamie Benn is working on a hefty hockey resume. He won a Gold medal at the 2009 World Junior Hockey Championships with Canada, was named captain of the Dallas Stars in 2013, won a Gold Medal at the 2014 Olympics with Canada and in 2015 he was awarded the Art Ross Trophy as leading scorer of the NHL.

Tomas Hertl
Tomas Hertl was drafted 17th overall by the San Jose Sharks in 2012 and has since played over 200 NHL games. He's represented Czech Republic at the Mens World Ice Hockey Championships on multiple occasions. 

Jonathan Drouin
Jonathan Drouin was drafted 3rd overall by the Lightning in 2013. He's entering his third season with Tampa after a rocky start involving a trade request. He recently played for Team North America at the World Cup. I wanted to get a Drouin Halifax Mooseheads autograph because not only has his signature gone way downhill but I lived in the city while he played there so I saw him play in the uniform on numerous occasions. He really did stick out from the rest of his peers and you could tell he was NHL talent. 

Sam Bennett
The Calgary Flames drafted Sam Bennett 4th overall in 2014. In his first full NHL season with the 2015/16 Flames Bennett scored 18 goals and 36 points. At 19, he also set a Flames team record for youngest player to record a hat-trick. 

Anthony Duclair
Anthony Duclair was a third round pick of the New York Rangers in 2013. Duclair played 18 games as an NHL rookie with the 2014/15 New York Rangers. In 2015 he was traded to the Arizona Coyotes and in his first full NHL season he scored 20 goals and 44 points for the 2015/16 Coyotes. He won a Gold medal with Canada at the 2015 World Junior Hockey Championships.

Sean Monahan
The Calgary Flames drafted Sean Monahan 6th overall in 2013 and he immediately made the jump to the NHL. He's scored 20+ goals in each of his first three NHL seasons with the Flames. He was recently signed to a $44 million 7 year contract with Calgary.

Tyler Toffoli
Tyler Toffoli scored 7 goals and 14 points in 26 postseason games during the 2014 playoffs as he helped the LA Kings win the Stanley Cup. In 2015 Toffoli helped Canada win a Gold at the Wold Championships. He lead the 2015/16 Kings in goals with 31. 

Radek Faksa
Czech forward Radek Faksa was drafted 13th overall in 2012 by the Dallas Stars. He made his NHL debut in 2015 and played 45 games for the 2015/16 Stars as a rookie. He recorded 5 goals and 12 points. He also represented the Czech Republic at the 2016 Mens World Hockey Championships. 

Jake McCabe
A University of Wisconsin alumni, Jake McCabe was drafted 44th overall by Buffalo in 2012. The defenceman is entering his second season as a full time member of the Sabres. Internationally, Jake McCabe helped the United States win Gold at the 2013 World Junior Championships. He has also represented USA at the 2014 and 2016 Mens World Hockey Championships. 

Sergei Plotnikov
Undrafted Russian forward Sergei Plotnikov played 6 seasons in the KHL before moving to North America. He only spent 1 year in the NHL, splitting the 2015/16 season between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Arizona Coyotes. In 45 NHL games, 32 with Pittsburgh and the rest with Arizona after being traded to the Coyotes, he recorded just 3 assists and 24 penalty minutes. 

Max Friberg
Max Friberg played 1 game for the 2014/15 Anaheim Ducks and 5 games with the 2015/16 Ducks. In 2016 he was traded from the Ducks to the Montreal Canadiens but has been unable to crack the Habs lineup. Friberg helped Sweden win Gold at the 2012 World Junior Hockey Championships. It doesn't look like he'll get a signed NHL card so I picked up this SHL Eliteset authentic signature.

Dennis Rasmussen
Like Friberg, I picked up this SHL Elitset signature because Rasmussen doesn't look like he'll get a singed NHL licensed card. Swedish forward Dennis Rasumussen was signed by the Blackhawks as an undrafted free agent. He played 44 games for the 2015/16 Hawks, scoring 4 goals and 9 points.

Matt O'Connor
Undrafted, Matt O'Connor played with Boston University from 2012 to 2015, giving up his final season to sign an NHL contract with the Ottawa Senators. He spent most of his first season as a pro in the AHL but did play 1 NHL game for the 2015/16 Ottawa Senators.

Andrey Makarov
Andrey Makarov played in both the QMJHL and WHL as a junior. The Russian was never drafted but signed with the Buffalo Sabres as a free agent. He played 1 NHL game with the 2014/15 Buffalo Sabres and has since returned to Russian to play in the KHL. This is his only certified autograph.

Malcolm Subban
Younger brother of PK, Malcolm Subban played 1 NHL game with the 2014/15 Boston Bruins. Drafted 24th overall in 2012, he's spent most of his first 3 years as a pro in the AHL. Subban represented Canada at the 2013 World Junior Championships. 

Andrew Hammond
Undrafted, Andrew Hammond was signed by the Ottawa Senators after 4 years of college with Bowling Green State University. Hammond made his NHL debut in 2014 and set and NHL record for the best record to start a goaltending career, going 20-1-2. He made headlines all across Canada for the incredible run. He's entering his third season with Ottawa.

Aleksander Barkov
Talented Finnish centre Aleksander Barkov was drafted 2nd overall by the Florida Panthers in 2013. He made the immediate jump to the big leagues and has already played nearly 200 NHL games for Florida. He scored a career high 28 goals with the 2015/16 Panthers. Barkov won a Bronze medal at the 2014 Olympics with Finland and a Silver at the 2016 World Hockey Championships.

Jordan Weal
During the 2015/16 NHL season Jordan Weal made his NHL debut with the LA Kings and finished with 10 games in LA and 4 games with Philly after being traded to the Flyers. A skilled forward, Weal was named AHL playoff MVP in 2015 as he lead the Manchester Monarchs to a Calder Cup championship.

Colin Miller
Colin Miller was originally drafted by the LA Kings but was traded to Boston in a deal that saw Milan Lucic go to LA. Since 2015, defenceman Colin Miller has played over 40 NHL games with the Bruins.

Nick Ritchie
The Anaheim Ducks drafted Nick Ritchie 10th overall in 2014. In 2015 he helped Canada win Gold at the World Juniors. As an NHL rookie he played 33 games with the 2015/16 Anaheim Ducks, scoring 2 goals and 4 points. His brother, Brett, has also played in the NHL.

Ryan Bourque
Ryan Bourque is most notable for being the son of Hall of Famer Ray Bourque and brother of NHLer Chris. Ryan played just 1 NHL game, with the 2014/15 New York Rangers. He's also notable for winning a Gold Medal at the 2009 World Junior Championships with USA. 

Justin Shugg
Canadian forward Justin Shugg played 3 NHL games with the 2014/15 Carolina Hurricanes. He spent five years playing pro in Carolina's organization but has since moved on to the KHL.

Eric O'Dell
From 2014 to 2015 Eric O'Dell played 41 NHL games with the Winnipeg Jets over two seasons, socring 3 goals and 8 points. O'Dell was originally drafted 39th overall by the Anaheim Ducks in 2008 but failed to sign with the Ducks. The Atlanta Thrashers signed O'Dell as a free agent in 2010 and he later followed the franchise to Winnipeg. O'Dell was signed by the Ottawa Senators in 2015 and that season was traded to the Sabres but spent the whole year in the minors between AHL teams.

Charles Hudon
Forward Charles Hudon recorded 2 assists in 3 NHL games with the 2015/16 Montreal Canadiens. The Quebec native was a fifth round pick by the Habs in 2012.

Vincent Hinostroza
An Illinois native, Vincent Hinostroza played 7 NHL games with the 2015/16 Blackhawks and made the 2016/17 squad's opening day roster. He represented the United States at the 2016 World Hockey Championships in Moscow. 

Ronalds Kenins
Undrafted Latvian forward Ronalds Kenins was brought to North America for two seasons by the Vancouver Canucks. From 2014 to 2016 he scored 4 goals and 12 points in 38 career NHL games with Vancouver. He represented Latvia at the 2014 Olympic games.

Josh Morrissey
Defenceman Josh Morrissey was drafted 13th overall by the Winnipeg Jets in 2013. He played just 1 game for the 2015/16 Jets but has made the opening day roster of the 2016/17 NHL team. Morrissey won a Gold Medal with Canada at the 2015 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships. 

Nick Cousins
Since 2015 Nick Cousins has scored 6 goal and 13 points in just under 50 NHL games with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Kevin Hayes
Kevin Hayes was drafted 24th overall by the Chicago Blackhawks in 2010 but decided to not sign with the powerhouse Hawks. In 2014, after 4 years with Boston College, he signed with the New York Rangers as a free agent and has played 2 full seasons with the Rangers. His brother, Jimmy, also plays in the NHL.

Markus Granlund
Since 2014 Finnish forward Markus Granlund has played over 100 NHL games between the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks. His brother, Mikael, also plays in the NHL.

John Klingberg
Offensive defenceman John Klingberg has had a stellar start to his NHL career with the Dallas Stars. He's recorded nearly 100 points in just two seasons and last year was a +22. He represented Sweden at the 2015 World Hockey Championships. His brother, Carl, has also played in the NHL.

Curtis Lazar
The Ottawa Senators drafted Curtis Lazar 17th overall in 2013. In 2015 he helped Canada win Gold at the World Junior Championships. He's already played 2 full NHL seasons with the Sens.

Steve Weeks
From 1980 to 1993 goalie Steve Weeks played 302 regular season+playoff games in the NHL. He was a member of the Rangers, Whalers, Canucks, Islanders, Kings and Senators. Weeks helped Canada win a silver medal at the 1985 World Hockey Championshps. 

Dave Maloney
Defenceman Dave Maloney spent all but the last season of his career with the New York Rangers. He was Rangers captain from 1979 to 1981 and in '79 helped them reach the Stanley Cup finals, loosing to Montreal in 5 games. Maloney played over 700 regular season+playoff games in the NHL from 1975 to 1985. His brother, Don, also played in the NHL and they spent many years as teamates on the Rangers. 

Evan Oberg
Defenceman Evan Oberg played 7 games in the NHL. He played 4 games with the Vancouver Canucks from 2010 to 2011 and 3 with the 2011/12 Tampa Bay Lightning. 

Joel Armia
Joel Armia was drafted 16th overall by the Buffalo Sabres in 2011. He played 1 game for the Sabres before being traded to the Winnipeg Jets in the trade that saw Tyler Myers go to Winnipeg and Evander Kane to Buffalo. The Finnish forward played 43 games with the 2015/15 Jets, scoring 4 goals and 10 points. 

Jaime Sifers
Defenceman Jaime Sifers was signed by the Toronto Maple Leafs as an undrafted University of Vermont alumni. He played 23 NHL games with the 2008/09 Maple Leafs and another 14 with the 2009/10 Minnesota Wild. He later spent three seasons in Germany and in 2015 signed with the Columbus Blue Jackets but has yet to play for the parent club, spending his time in the AHL.

Ivan Huml
Ivan Huml took an unconventional route to the NHL, the Czech born forward was drafted in the second round in 2000 by the Bruins while he was a member of the BCHL's Langley Hornets. He became a Bruins top prospect and from 2001 to 2004 he scored 6 goals and 18 points in 49 NHL games with the Bruins. 

Sami Aittokallio
Finnish goalie Sami Aittokallio played 2 games in the NHL, 1 with the 2012/13 Avalanche and 1 with the 2013/14 Avalanche. He's since returned to Finland. Aittokallio represented Finland at the 2011 and 2012 World Junior Championships.

Andrej Sustr
Since 2013 defenceman Andej Sustr has played nearly 200 games in the NHL with the Tampa Bay Lightning. He recently represented Czech Republic in the World Cup of Hockey.

Miikka Salomaki
Finnish forward became a full time NHLer in 2015 and has played over 60 NHL games with the Nashville Predators. In 2014 Salomaki won a Silver medal at the World Championships with Finland.

Jyrki Jokipakka 
Since 2014 Finnish defenceman Jyrki Jokipakka has played over 100 games in the NHL between the Dallas Stars and Calgary Flames. Internationally, Jokipakka has represented Finland at the World Junior Championship, World Mens Championships and World Cup.

Anthony Bitetto
Drafted in 2010, defenceman Anthony Bitetto has played half a season in the NHL with the Nashville Predators. He played for Northeastern University in the NCAA.

Casey Bailey
Casey Bailey was signed out of Penn State by the Maple Leafs as an undrafted free agent. He score 1 goal in 6 NHL games with Toronto at the end of the 2014/15 season. He's the first Penn State alumni to play in the NHL. He was traded to the Ottawa Senators in the deal that saw Dion Phaneuf go to the Sens. Bailey has yet been able to crack Ottawa's lineup.

Michel Deziel
Michel Deziel is one of a handful of people who have played in the NHL but only during the playoffs. Deziel's only game in the big leagues game during the 1975 postseason with the Buffalo Sabres. He was a junior sensation and still has one of the highest single season point totals in QMJHL history with 92 goals and 227 points in just 69 games with the 1973/74 Sorel Black Hawks.

Adam Pardy
One of only 3 current NHLers from Newfoundland, Adam Pardy has played well over 300 NHL games since 2008. The defenceman has played for the Calgary Flames, Dallas Stars, Buffalo Sabres, Winnipeg Jets and Edmonton Oilers. I was surprised to get this back so late in the summer as Pardy has long left the Jets. I've tried sending to him multiple times so I'm happy to finally check this name off the list.

MacGregor Sharp
An undrafted University of Minnesota-Duluth alumni, MacGregor Sharp signed an NHL contract with the Anaheim Ducks in 2009. Sharp played 8 games in the NHL with the 2009/10 Ducks.

Mike McKee
A Princeton University alumni, defenceman Mike McKee scored 3 goals and 15 points in 48 games with the 1993/94 Quebec Nordiques. He retired from hockey in 1995 to get an MBA from Harvard and has become a very succesful businessman. 

Marc Habscheid
From 1981 to 1992 Marc Habscheid played 345 regular season games in the NHL. In 1982 he was a key member of Canada's first ever gold medal winning World Junior squad. In 1988 he represented Canada at the Olympics and in 1992 he was a member of Canada's World Hockey Championship team. He later returned to Canada's World Junior and World Championship teams as a head coach and in 2006 he was an assistant coach for Canada's Olympic team. 

Ron Jones
From 1971 to 1976 defenceman Ron Jones played 54 games in the NHL dressing for the Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals. 

Bob Hess
From 1974 to 1984 Bob Hess played well over 300 games in the NHL. He was a member of the St. Louis Blues, Buffalo Sabres and Hartford Whalers. Hess scored 39 points as a rookie defenceman with the 1974/75 Blues but was unable to build on his great first year.

David Warsofsky
In 2010 defenceman David Warsofsky won a Gold medal at the World Junior Championships with USA. Since 2013 he's played 32 games in the NHL, dressing for the Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins and New Jersey Devils.

Adam Payerl
Undrafted forward Adam Payerl played 2 NHL games with the 2013/14 Pittsburgh Penguins. He recently signed a two-way contract with the Nashville Predators but has spent his time in the AHL.

Mark Borowiecki
Defenceman Mark Borowiecki is entering his third season as a full time member of the Ottawa Senator's blueline. He's played over 150 career games in the NHL with his hometown Sens.

Mario Roberge 
From 1990 to 1995 Mario Roberge played over 100 games in the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens. The tough guy his best known for helping the Habs win the 1993 Stanley Cup. His brother, Serge, also played in the NHL.

David A Jensen
There were two NHL players named David Jensen who appeared in the league during the 1980s and incredibly they were teamates on the 1984 US Olympic team. From 1984 to 1988 this David Jensen played 69 games in the NHL, scoring 9 goals and 22 points. He played for the Hartford Whalers and Washington Capitals.

Steve Gotaas
From 1987 to 1991 Steve Gotaas scored 6 goals and 15 points in 49 career regular season games in the NHL. Gotaas dressed for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Minnesota North Stars.

Robin Bartel
Robin Bartel took an unconventional route to the NHL. He played with the University of Saskatchewan when his junior career was over. In 1984 he represented Canada at the Winter Olympics, earning himself an NHL contract. Bartel played 1 NHL game with the 1985/86 Calgary Flames and 40 games with the 1986/87 Vancouver Canucks.

Ray Cote
From 1983 to 1985 Ray Cote played 15 regular season and 14 playoff games in the NHL for the Edmonton Oilers. All of his playoff games came during the 1983 postseason. Cote scored 3 goals and 5 points, helping the Oilers reach the Stanley Cup finals.

Darren Lowe
Darren Lowe played for the University of Toronto before joining Canada's National team and reprenting his nation at the 1984 Winter Olympics. He earned an NHL contract with his strong International play and at the end of the 1983/84 season he played 8 NHL games with the Pittsburgh Penguins, scoring 1 goal and 3 points. He's currently coaching at his old University in Toronto but I've tried sending a couple requests to him with no reply. 

Paul Houck
Originally drafted by the Edmonton Oilers, Paul Houck was later traded to Minnesota and from 1985 to 1988 he played in 16 NHL games for the North Stars. 

Todd Hawkins
Between 1988 and 1992 Todd Hawkins played 10 NHL games, 8 with the Vancouver Canucks and 2 with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Sean Williams
Sean Williams played 2 NHL games with the 1991/92 Chicago Blackhawks. He had been drafted by the Hawks in the 12th round of the 1986 draft.
Autographs #68 and 69 fall outside of my NHL player collection but they're still both very much hockey related.

Jordan White
Jordan White appeared in 1 NHL game as a backup goalie with the 2010/11 San Jose Sharks. I had sent this request shortly after and White noted in his reply that he found it in one of his old school textbooks while moving and apologized for the long delay! He was playing for the University of British Columbia when he was signed by the Sharks as an emergency backup, who were in town to play the Canucks.

Tom Glavine
I've long wanted to add a Tom Glavine autograph to my oddball binder of hockey autographs but it was seeing the reverse of the card that finally made me bite on this particular one. Which is also why I scanned both front and back here. Although Glavine is a baseball Hall of Famer, this card outlines why I wanted to add him to my collection. He was a high school hockey star and was drafted 69th overall by the LA Kings in the 1984 NHL draft. Glavine turned down a hockey scholarship to persue his baseball career, a wise choice in retrospect.
I find myself with a growing collecting of MLB hockey related autographs which may soon be due for its own post.