Friday, July 22, 2011

Hobby Shop Pickups

Not much mail to speak of lately, the TTM at the end trickled in and was a long wait.  He didn't sign my index rather he added his own.  The cards were all acquired from the local hobby shop.  

Nick Palmieri, TJ Hensick, Robbie Earl, TJ Galiardi, Michael Sauer and Chuck Kobasew
Palmieri and Hensick are still going up and down between the NHL and AHL while Earl has fled to Europe.  Palmieri has played 70+ games for the Devils, Hensik already has 100+ NHL games to his credit.  Earl played 47 games between Toronto and Minnesota.  Galiardi has caught on full time with the Avs this year while Mike Sauer is a staple on the Rangers blue line.  Kobasew is another current Avalanche and has over 500 NHL games to his own credit.
Matthew Corrente, David Desharnais, Jeremy Williams, Ty Wishart, Lauri Tukonen and Chris Stewart
Corrente is a current Devil. Desharnais is having a great year in Montreal. Williams played 32 NHL games, one for the Rangers and the rest for the Maple Leafs.  Wishart, the 16th overall pick of 2006, is still trying to find a spot in the NHL.  Tukonen played 5 games for the LA Kings before returning to Europe.  Stewart is an important player for the Blues. 
Tom Reid and Tim Watters
Reid played 690 games, mostly as a North Star.  This is his only autograph and it's not easy to find anymore.  This is also Watters only autograph.  Watters had a stellar NHL career of 741 games.
Patrik Elias, Kimmo Timonen, Kurtis Foster, Craig Johnson, Dan Bylsma, Warren Rychel, Pat Peake and Scott Daniels
Elias is having yet another strong year with the Devils.  Timonen remains an important part of the Flyers blue line.  Kurtis Foster is up and down for the Devils this season.  Craig Johnson played over 500 games and was once traded for Wayne Gretzky.  Dan Bylsma is destined to be known as a coach rather than a player.  Warren Rychel was a tough guy who won a Cup with the Avs in 96.  Pat Peake had a promising career ruined by a series of injuries.  
Tyler Weiman, Marek Schwarz, Braden Holtby, Andrew Penner, Jose Theodore and Riku Helenius
Some good ole' goalies to end the post.  Weiman saw only 16 minutes of NHL action between the pipes.  Schwarz, a 2004 first round draft pick, only played a few NHL games.  Holtby is still in the Capitals goalie system and is considered a good prospect.  Andrew Penner falls in to backup only category, sitting on the bench for the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Helenius played an astonishing 7 minutes for the Lightning.  
Lyle Carter
Carter did not sign my index, rather added his own with a nice inscription.  Carter played 15 games for the Golden Seals.

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