Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Mail Post

Lots of mail after a long period without posting.  These are all the autographs I've gotten since the last post.
Maurice Richard and Bobby Orr
These Sports Flash cards don't come with a cert of authenticity.  One autograph was simply inserted into each set but with a trained eye you can tell which ones they were vs a card that was signed later.  Its my 4th Richard autograph and was bought because it came to me at a great price and I'm confident it is real.  The Bobby Orr autograph was had for half of what I thought I would have to pay for one, boy have they dropped in price lately.   
Red Horner and Frank Brimsek
These two Hall of Famers speak for themselves.  Both hand numbered and authenticated on the back.  These were originally made by Brian Price's company and were purchased directly from him.  Horner, a Hall of Famer who passed away in 2005 as the oldest living NHL player, helped the Toronto Maple Leafs win their first Cup way back in 1932.  Brimsek is also a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame.  He won 2 Stanley Cups, 2 Vezinas and a Calder trophy.    
Dennis Maruk, Mike Bullard and Bill Barber
Maruk had 2 incredible seasons in Washington, scoring 50 and 60 goals.  In 81/82 he had 136 points in 80 games, a single season high that still remains a Capitals record.  In 1983/84 Mike Bullard scored 51 goals and 92 points in only 76 games as a Pittsburgh Penguin.  Barber won 2 Stanley Cups with the Philadelphia Flyers as a player and 1 with the 2004 Tampa Bay Lightning as Director of Player Personnel. 
Brent Ashton, Bill Derlago and Blain Stoughton 
ITG delivered first autographs for all three players in Decades.  If you include playoffs Brent Ahston played well over 1000 NHL games but never won a Stanley Cup. Derlago had a 40 goal season for the 83/84 Toronto Maple Leafs.  Stoughton is a member of the 50 goal club, a feat he accomplished twice with the Whalers.  
Randy Moller, Bob Miller and Bob Kelly
Miller goes into the oddball collection since he was never a player.  Moller, however, played over 800 NHL games.  This is his first and only autograph.  Kelly is a famed member of the old Broad Street Bullies.
Ryan Reaves, Matt Kassian, Jake Muzzin, Mark Dekanich and Jeff Frazee
Reaves, the son of a former CFL player, is a member of the Blues turnaround this year.  Kassian is a hard hitting depth player.  Muzzin played 11 games for the 10/11 LA Kings.  Dekanich would have played a number of games for the Jackets this year had he not been injured.  Frazee currently has "backup only" status in the NHL.
Dylan Reese, Bradley Mills and Jeremy Colliton
This Reese is interesting because it happens to be his only autograph. Dylan has played a number of games for the Islanders and is still with the team.  Mills is still with the New Jersey Devils.  Colliton has spent years up and down the Islanders system.  
Petr Kalus, Rod Pelley, Ryan Shannon and Valtteri Filppula
With only 11 NHL games, Kalus is the only player here not to find a spot on an NHL team this year.  Pelley went undrafted and played 4 years of university hockey before being signed by the Devils.  Shannon has played for the Ducks, Canucks, Senator and Lightning.  Filppula has spent half a dozen seasons providing the Red Wings with secondary scoring.  

Andrej Meszaros, Evgeny Artyukhin, Andre Alberts and Barry Tallackson
Meszaros has been a top-4 d-man in Ottawa, Tampa Bay and Philadelphia.  Artyukhin played 3 years in the NHL between the Lightning, Ducks and Thrashers.  Alberts has been a mainstay in the NHL since his rookie season in 05/06, he's a current Canuck.  Tallackson played 20 games for the New Jersey Devils over 4 years.  
Rob Davison, Chris Clark, Krys Barch and Nick Foligno
Davison is an interesting case, with just over 200 NHL games to his credit this is his only autograph and seems to be an unusual addition to the set.  My favourite thing about the Chris Clark is that he's pictured with the C in Washington.  Until recently this was Barch's only autograph, he now has a couple from Panini.   Foligno, like his father, has a great looking signature. 
Matt Keetley, Maxime Ouelet, Joe Fallon and Brent Krahn
Keetley, who is currently in the ECHL, has a grand total of 9 minutes in the NHL.  Ouellet last played in the NHL for the 05/06 Vancouver Canucks.  Fallon, who falls into the backup only category, only had autographs in SPA.  Krahn is still trying to make his mark in the NHL, currently playing for the Stars AHL team.  
Cam Janssen, Chad Kolarik, Marc Antoine Pouliot, Pavel Vorobiev
Jassen made his NHL debut way back in 05/06 but had to wait until recently to get an autograph.  About time considering he has almost 300 NHL games.  Kolarik has played 2 games for Columbus and 4 for the Rangers. 

Marek Svatos, Ryan Stone, Eric Wellwood and Nick Bonino
Injuries have basically ended the career of Svatos, who is currently a free agent.  Eric, brother of Kyle Wellwood, is still trying to crack the Flyers.  
Aaron Gagnon, Greg Zanon and Mikko Lehtonen (b.1978)
It took Zanon, who made his NHL debut in 05/06, too long to get his first autograph.  These Cup RCs are the only autographs of Gagnon and Lehtonen.  Gagnon is Jets property but has yet to play a game for the team.  I put born 1978 next to Lehtonen because there are two Mikko Lehtonen to play post lockout NHL hockey.  

          And now for the TTM autographs:

Rick Laferriere, Bob Charlebois and Tom Thornbury
Laferriere played a grand total of about 20 minutes in the NHL.  Charlebois played in both the NHL and the WHA.  Thornbury played 14 games for the 83/84 Pittsburgh Penguins.  
Terry Gray, Billy Carter and George "Duke" Harris
Gray bounced around the NHL for 147 games.  Carter played 16 NHL games in the early 60's for Boston and Montreal.  Harris played some NHL hockey but is more notable for 3 solid seasons in the WHA.
Dick Mattiussi, Rich Healey and Danny Lewicki
Mattiussi has 200 NHL games on his resume.  Healey was a one game wonder for the 60/61 Red Wings.  Lewicki is the only player in hockey history to have won an Allen Cup, Memorial Cup and Stanley Cup and he did it all by the age of 20.  He also has a book called From the Coal Docks to the NHL.
Steve Hrymnak, Russ Walker and Brad Zavisha
Hrymnak played 18 games for the 51/52 Blackhawks.  After three good season in the WHA playing for the Cleveland Crusaders Walker only managed 17 NHL games for the LA Kings.  Zavisha played only 2 games for the 93/94 Oilers.
Brian Young and Aaron Sorochan
Young played 8 games for the 80/81 Blackhawks, recording 2 assists.  Aaron Sorochan was an emergency backup goalie for one game in December of 2007.  He had been playing University hockey for the Alberta Golden Bears at the time.
Wayne Van Dorp and Les Colwill
Van Dorp was a tough guy who won a Cup with the 1987 Edmonton Oilers.  Colwill played one season in the NHL, 69 games for the 58/59 Rangers.  
Tim Jacobs
Jacobs played 46 games for the 75/76 Golden Seals


  1. Just curious, where did you find that picture of Wayne Van Dorp? I've never seen that one before.

  2. Sal,
    I tried to find my source but since its been so long I cannot remember for the life of me. I tend to grab my pictures for numerous places. Sorry for being of not much help!

  3. I am a big fan of Wayne Van Dorp. Would you be willing to email me that JPEG file if you still have it on your computer? My email address is sjb AT puckjunk DOT com

    Thank you,


  4. Hi There,

    Where did you find George "Duke" Harris ?
    I'm trying to find him too for my Toronto Maple Leafs TTMs.

    Thank You

  5. I used this addy for Duke:
    1467 Miller Dr.
    Sarnia, ON. N7S 3M5