Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Season In Autographs: 1958/1959

1957/1958                                                                                 1959/1960

21 Players made their NHL debuts through the 1958/1959 season.

Gary Collins and Bill Hicke made their debuts during the playoffs.

In the Collection: 18/21 =86%

Charlie Burns

Gary Collins

Les Colwill

Claude Cyr

Bruce Gamble

Howie Glover

John Hanna

Bill Hicke

Chuck Holmes

Earl Ingarfield

Don Keenan
Julian Klymkiw

Larry Leach

Len Lunde

Lou Marcon

John McKenzie

Stan Mikita

Dan Poliziani

Gord Redahl

Eddie Shack

Ken Yackel

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