Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Season In Autographs: 1956/1957

1955/1956                                                                                 1957/1958

32 Players made their NHL debuts through the 1956/1957 season.

Carl "Buddy" Boone made his debut during the playoffs.

In The Collection: 31/32 = 97%

Gary Aldcorn

Dale Anderson

Ralph Backstrom

Murray Balfour

Bob Baun

Bob Beckett

Carl "Buddy" Boone

Dick Cherry

Bruce Cline

Glen Cressman

Ian Cushenan

Norm Defelice

Kenny Girard

Phil Goyette

Floyd Hillman

Ron Ingram 

Allan Johnson

Ed Kachur

Forbes Kennedy

Frank Mahovlich

Tom McCarthy

Billy McNeill

Mike Nykoluk

Andre Pronovost

Bob Pulford

George Ranieri

Larry Regan

Don Simmons

Stan Smrke

Gord Strate

Moose Vasko

Jerry Wilson

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