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1934 Montreal Maroons

I recently obtained some wonderfully rare autographs from a fellow collector.  The centerpiece of what I bought was the remnants of an autographed 1934 Montreal Maroons team sheet.  I say remnants because he had already cut out a few signatures of the players he had wanted.  Bad for resale value, good for someone like me who wanted to finish cutting up the page. I acquired these roughly a month ago but decided to wait until I 'officially' added them to my collection, that is to say until I had the time to make the finished product, to post them here.  All said and done I was able to add 14 new and very rare signatures, all players have been deceased for some time, to my collection, bringing the grand total of unique autographs up to 3,446.  

Dave Kerr
Dave Kerr was one of the best netminders of his generation.  In 1938 he became the first ever hockey player to appear on the cover of Time magazine.  He was an NHL All-Star that season, and again in 1940.  In 1940 he also won the Vezina Trophy as the leagues best goalie and guided the New York Rangers to the Stanley Cup.

Earle Robinson
Most hockey reference sites list Earle's name as Earl, but here we can clearly see he spelled his name with the extra 'e'.  Between 1928 and 1940 he played over 400 NHL games.  He lead the 1934/35 Montreal Maroons in points and then guided the team to a Stanley Cup championship.  

Cy Wentworth
Between 1927 and 1940 Marvin "Cy" Wentworth played over 600 NHL games between the Blackhawks, Maroons and Canadiens.  He served as Chicago's captain from 1931-1932.  The three time NHL All-Star helped the Maroons claim the Stanley Cup in 1935.

Marty Burke
Between 1927 and 1938 Marty Burke played over 500 NHL games.  He helped Montreal claim back to back Stanley Cups in 1930 and 1931.  

Dave Trottier
Before Dave Trottier played a game in the NHL he was already a prominent hockey player.  In 1927 he lead his team to an Allen Cup.  In 1928 he lead all Olympic hockey players, scoring 12 goals in 3 games and leading Canada to a Gold medal victory.  After the Olympics he jumped to the NHL and between 1928 and 1939 he played just shy of 500 NHL games between the Maroons and Red Wings.  He is also notable for winning the 1935 Stanley Cup as a member of the Maroons. 

Russ Blinco
In 1934 Russ Blinco became the second player ever to win the Calder Trophy as the NHL's rookie of the year.  A season later he helped the 1935 Montreal Maroons claim the Stanley Cup.  He remained in the NHL for 1 year after the Maroons ceased operations. His last season in the league came with the 1938/39 Chicago Blackhawks.  

Herb Cain
Who lead the National Hockey League in scoring through the 1943/1943 season?  Why it was Herb Cain. That season he scored 36 goals and 82 points in only 48 games for the Boston Bruins.  He retired as one of only a handful of players from his generation to score 200+ goals in the NHL.    

Aubrey Webster
Aubrey Webster only played 5 games in the NHL but he's likely the star of this post.  Because he only played in the league so briefly this is the first of his signatures I've ever even seen.   He played 1 game for the 1930/31 Philadelphia Quakers and 4 games for the 1934/35 Montreal Maroons.  Living until 1999, he was at one point the oldest living former Philly Quaker.  

Stew Evans
Between 1930 and 1939 Stew Evans played just shy of 400 NHL games between the Detroit Falcons, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Maroons and Montreal Canadiens.  He won the Stanley Cup as a member of the 1935 Maroons.  He served as the Maroon's last ever captain as the franchise was abolished in 1938.

Paul Haynes
Between 1930 and 1941 Paul Haynes played over 400 games in the NHL between the Maroons, Bruins and Canadiens.  During his career he twice finished in the top 10 for NHL scoring leaders and helped the Maroons claim the 1935 Stanley Cup.

Baldy Northcott
Between 1928 and 1939 Lawrence "Baldy" Northcott played nearly 500 NHL games.  He was an integral part of the Stanley Cup winning 1935 Montreal Maroons.  

Jimmy Ward
Between 1927 and 1939 Jimmy Ward played in well over 500 NHL games.  He spent most of his career with the Maroons but retired a Montreal Canadien.  He helped the Maroons claim the 1935 Stanley Cup.  His son, Pete Ward, became a famous baseball player and played 9 seasons in the MLB.

Gerry Heffernan
Gerry Heffernan played just under 100 games for the Montreal Canadiens between 1941 and 1944.  In his final season with the Habs he finished second in team scoring behind only Rocket Richard and helped the team claim the 1944 Stanley Cup title.  

Carl Liscombe
Born in Hawaii, Carl Liscombe played 400+ games in the NHL between 1937 and 1946.  He lead the Detroit Red Wings to a Stanley Cup championship in 1943.  He's also notable for scoring 36 goals through the 1943/44 NHL season, finishing second overall in the league in goals scored and 4th in points with 73.

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