Friday, April 5, 2013

Autograph #2,800

40 New autographs in the mail since my last post.  This brings my total of different NHL player autographs to 2,800.  Getting ever so close to the 3,000 milestone, which I should reach in no time at my current rate.  

Butch Goring
Butch Goring has his name on the Lady Byng, Bill Masterton and Conn Smythe trophies.  He was a key member of the New York Islander’s Stanley Cup dynasty and was part of all 4 Cup winning teams.
Jason Muzzatti and Corey Hirsch
Jason Muzzatti played a total of 62 NHL games.  He dressed for the Flames, Whalers, Rangers and Sharks.  You may remember him from the 2006 winter Olympics, where he was Italy’s starting netminder.  
Between 1992 and 2003 Corey Hirsch appeared in over 100 NHL games.  The bulk of his time was spent with the Vancouver Canucks but he also played for the Rangers, Capitals and Stars. 
Dwayne Norris and Erik Ersberg
Dwayne Norris played 17 games for the Quebec Nordiques and 3 games for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. 
Between 2007 and 2010 Erik Ersberg saw 53 games of action with the LA Kings.  He has been playing in the KHL since leaving LA. 
Paul Stastny and Mathew Halischuk
Son of the great Peter Stastny, Paul has proven to be a star player himself.  He helped Team USA win a silver medal in the 2010 winter Olympics. 
Matt Halischuk has played over 150 NHL games, suiting up for the Devils and Predators.  He scored a career high 15 goals for the 2011/12 Preds. 
Philip Larsen and Mark Fraser
Defenseman Philip Larsen is entering his third season as a member of the Dallas Stars. 
Mark Fraser has recently emerged as a capable NHL d-man with the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Prior to joining the Leafs he had played over 100 NHL games with the Devils.
Spencer Machacek and Ville Koistinen
2007 Memorial Cup winner Spencer Machacek has played 25 NHL games between the Thrashers and Jets. 
Between 2007 and 2012 Ville Koistinen played over 100 NHL games.  The majority of which for the Preds but he also dressed for the Florida Panthers. 
Matt Ellis and Bryan McCabe
Matt Ellis has played over 270 NHL games between the Red Wings, Kings and Sabres. 
A former All-Star and Olympian, the recently retired Bryan McCabe played well over 1000 NHL games. 
Mattias Ritola and Mark Fistric
Between 2008 and 2012 Mattias Ritola played 45 NHL games with the Red Wings and Lightning.  The Swede scored 4 goals and 9 points.  He was awarded a Stanley Cup ring with the 2008 Red Wings but did not get his name on the trophy. 
Currently a member of the Edmonton Oilers, Mark Fistric has played nearly 300 NHL games. 
Timo Parssinen and Bates Battaglia
Timo Parssinen spent just one season in North America.  He played 17 games for the 2001/02 Anaheim Mighty Ducks. 
Bates Battaglia spent over a decade in the NHL.  His best season was a 21 goal, 46 point campaign for the 01/02 Hurricanes, then helping the team reach the Stanley Cup finals. 
Frantisek Kaberle and Scott Nichol
Brother of Tomas, Frantisek Kaberle played over 500 NHL games and won a Stanley Cup with the 2006 Hurricanes. 
Scott Nichol has spent a dozen years in the NHL being a low scoring 4th line center.  He has played for the Sabres, Flames, Blackhawks, Predators, Sharks and Blues. 
Andrew Ference and Kim Johnsson
Andrew Ference has spent over a dozen years in the NHL and most recently helped the Bruins win the 2011 Stanley Cup. 
Kim Johnsson was a star defenseman when he played in the NHL.  He was twice named the Flyers defenseman of the year.  He last played for the 09/10 Blackhawks but his 9 games, being out with a concussion, were not enough to get his name on the Stanley Cup. 
John Slaney and Neil Wilkinson
Newfoundlander John Slaney played nearly 300 NHL games between 1993 and 2004. 
Neil Wilkinson played over 500 NHL games between 1989 and 1999.  He dressed for the North Stars, Sharks, Blackhawks, Jets and Penguins. 
Matt Johnson and Francoix Leroux
Matt Johnson spent a decade in the NHL, serving as an enforcer for the Kings, Thrashers and Wild. 
Between 1989 and 1998 Defenseman Francoix Leroux played over 280 NHL games. 
Paul Hoganson and Bob Johnson
Paul Hoganson appeared in 2 games for the 1970/71 Pittsburgh Penguins.  He also spent 4 years in the WHA. 
Bob Johnson saw some time in net for the 72/73 St. Louis Blues and 74/75 Pittsburgh Penguins.  He also spent two seasons in the WHA. 
Murray McLachlan and Ross McKay
Murray McLachlan saw time in between the pipes for 2 games with the 1970/71 Toronto Maple Leafs.
Goalie Ross McKay played 1 game for the 1990/91 Hartford Whalers.
Brent Hughes (b.1943) and Bill Inglis
Brent Hughes broke into the NHL with the expansion 1967/68 LA Kings.  He would go on to play with the Blues, Red Wings and Scouts.  He also played 4 seasons in the WHA.  
Bill Inglis split his 36 career NHL games between the Kings and Sabres.
Charlie Burns and Terry Ball
Between 1958 and 1973 centerman Charlie Burns played nearly 800 NHL games.  He scored 22 goals and 60 points with the expansion 66/67 California Seals. 
Terry Ball played a total of 74 NHL games between the Flyers and Sabres.  He leter had a lengthy career in the WHA, playing over 300 games. 
Lorne Stamler and Tom Fergus
Lorne Stamler was a member of the Kings, Leafs and Jets in a career that saw him score 14 goals and 25 points in 116 career NHL games. 
For a while Tom Fergus was almost a point per game player in the NHL.  He scored 581 points in 726 regular season games. 
Pete Bakovic and Bob Neely
Pete Bakovic scored 2 goals in 10 career NHL games for the 1987/88 Vancouver Canucks. 
Bob Neely played 5 seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs, the last of which was split between the Leafs and Colorado Rockies. 
Vojtech Polak and Tomas Kana
Vojetech Polak played 5 games for the Dallas Stars between 2005 and 2007. 
Tomas Kana played 6 games for the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2009/10. 
Scott Lehman
Scott Lehman played just 1 NHL game for the 2008/09 Atlanta Thrashers. 

1 "Non-NHL" autograph in the mail as well,
Dave Inkpen
Dave Inkpen played 5 seasons and over 300 games in the WHA.  He dressed for the Stingers, Racers, Oilers, Nordiques and Whalers.  

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