Thursday, March 21, 2013

More March Mail

Joe Mullen and Dino Ciccarelli
Hockey Hall of Famer Joe Mullen had a tremendous career that saw him win 3 Stanley Cups, 2 Lady Byng trophies, the Lester Patrick Trophy and named to 2 All-Star teams. 
Another Hall of Famer, Dino Ciccarelli never won a Stanley Cup or an individual award of note but was a 4 time NHL All-Star and 2 time 50 goal scorer. 
Dave Brown and Warren Young
Dave Brown was a tough guy who retired with, if you include the playoffs, nearly 2000 penalty minutes in the NHL.  He won the Stanley Cup in 1990 as a member of the Oilers.
I was surprised but happy to see Warren Young on this checklist.  Its his first, and in all likelihood last, certified autograph.  He played only 2 full seasons in the NHL but one was a whopping 40 goal season for the 84/85 Pittsburgh Penguins, earning him a spot on the NHL All-Rookie team.  It has to be noted that he had the benefit of playing with Mario that season. 
Jim McKenny and Miroslav Frycer
Jim McKenny played a few regular season games for the 1967 Toronto Maple Leafs but it wasn’t enough to get his name on the Stanley Cup.  He spent over a decade playing for mostly poor Leaf teams in the 1970s.  After retiring he went into broadcasting and even worked as a male model. 
Miroslav Frycer, born and raised in Czechoslovakia, was one of the first Euro stars to defect to the NHL.  He played for the Nordiques, Leafs, Red Wings and Oilers.  He represented the Leafs at the 1985 All-Star game. 
Mike McPhee and Matt D’Agostini
Mike McPhee received his first certified autograph in Famous Fabrics.  He was never a star forward but spent over a decade in the NHL and was a regular for the Habs when they won the 1986 Stanley Cup.
Since making his debut with the 2007/08 Montreal Canadiens Matt D’Agostini has played over 250 NHL games.  He scored over 20 goals for the 10/11 St. Louis Blues and remains with the team. 
Jason Bowen and Eric Lavigne
Since this is his only cert I was happy to knock Jason Bowen’s autograph off the want list.  He played 77 NHL games, mostly for the Flyers but he also saw time as an Oiler. 
Eric Lavigne played just 1 NHL game and it came as a member of the 1994/95 Los Angeles Kings. 
Dustin Jeffrey and Alexandre Burrows
Since 2008 Dustin Jeffrey has played 84 games for the Pittsburgh Penguins. 
Alexandre Burrows is an impact NHL player for the Vancouver Canucks.  He has 4 seasons with 20+ goals, scoring 35 in 09/10. 
Thomas McCollum
A 2008 first round draft pick, Thomas McCollum has, so far, played 1 game for the Detroit Red Wings. 
Alexandre Daigle
Alexandre Daigle will forever be remembered as one of the biggest busts in NHL history after being drafted 1st overall by the Ottawa Senators in 1993.  Even tough he fell far from expectations he still spent a decade in the NHL, playing for the Sens, Flyers, Lightning, Rangers, Penguins and Wild. 
Hardy Astrom and Ted Ouimet
Hardy Astrom is famous because he has been blasted by former coach Don Cherry as being one of the worst goalies in NHL history.  He spent two seasons with the Colorado Rockies but made his NHL debut with the 1977/78 New York Rangers.
Teddy Ouimet played 1 game for the 1968/69 St. Louis Blues and 1 game for the WHA’s 74/75 New England Whalers.  He mentioned that he still guards the net regularly at age 65 in a senior league.    
Sean Gauthier and Marc D’Amour
Sean Gauthier has one of the shortest careers in NHL history.  He played all of 3 minutes for the San Jose Sharks in 1998/99. 
Marc D’Amour saw 15 games of NHL action with the 1985/86 Calgary Flames as well as 1 period of play with the 1988/89 Philadelphia Flyers. 
Bobby Lalonde and Dave Dunn
Between 1971 and 1982 Bobby Lalonde played over 600 NHL games and scored over 120 goals and 300 points.  He suited up for the Canucks, Flames and Bruins. 
As a Vancouver Canuck or Toronto Maple Leafs Dave Dunn played just under 200 NHL games.  He also spent a couple seasons in the WHA playing for the Winnipeg Jets, winning the 1978 Avco Cup.  
Bryan Rodney and Ken Sutton
Bryan Rodney has played 33 games for the Carolina Hurricanes and 1 game for the Edmonton Oilers.  He’s one of an amazing 11 players from the 2005 Memorial Cup winning London Knights to make the NHL. 
Between 1990 and 2002 Ken Sutton played over 400 NHL games.  For playing only 6 regular season games with the 99/00 New Jersey Devils he got his name on the Stanley Cup. 

A couple additional hockey autographs of guys who have not played in the NHL,
Don McCulloch and Jean Bernier
Don McCulloch played 1 season, 51 games, for the WHA’s 1974/75 Vancouver Blazers. 
Jean Bernier spent 4 seasons in the WHA playing for the Quebec Nordiques, winning the 1977 Avco Cup. 
Irving Grundman and Bob Woods
Irving Grundman spent a few seasons as General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens.  His name in engraved on the Stanley Cup as GM in 1979. 
A former Devils draft pick, Bob Woods was hired by Anaheim after serving as an assistant coach for 3 seasons with the Washington Capitals.  


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