Saturday, October 8, 2011


Keith Brown, Clint Malarchuk and Garry Howatt
Keith Brown spent 14 seasons as a full time member of the Hawks.  He also ended his career with a couple seasons in Florida.  Clint Malarchuk spent a number of years in the NHL with Quebec, Buffalo and Washington.  He's best remembered for the 1989 on ice skate to throat injury that nearly killed him, read about the "survivor" here.   Howatt won two Stanley Cups with the Islanders in 1980 and 1981.  He was a scrapper who lead the team in PIM in each of those first two Cup winning seasons.  

Alexander Vasyunov, Nick Spaling and Dwight King 
Vasyunov passed away shortly after I purchased the card, he was in the KHL plain crash. He played 18 games for the 10/11 Devils. The Spaling was a redemption received from Panini and originally a dirt cheap ebay pickup with a bad title.  He's a current full time Predator who has already played a couple seasons in Nashville.  The king is the most notable card here for my collection since this is his only autograph rookie card and it is limited to just 99.  He's a solid, big body forward who can score.

Carter Hutton and Adam Hauser
Carter Hutton falls into the "backup only" category while Adam Hauser did manage a whopping 51 minutes in goal for LA in 05/06.  This is Hauser's only autograph card.

Gaston Therrien, Ed Staniowski and Patrick Warburton
Therrien played 22 games for the Nordiques and is a fairly popular french hockey analyst.  Staniowski added the card as an apology for a long wait on the return! He spent a decade tending goal in the NHL. The Warburton, even tough it's headed for my oddball binder, is my favourite here because I'm a huge Seinfeld fan. He's pictured here with his New Jersey Devils face paint on thus the NHL connection, do you remember this Seinfeld episode? (I do!)  

Patrice Tardif and Howard Walker
Tardif is most notable for being part of the deal that sent Wayne Gretzky to the St. Louis Blues.  Walker played 83 career NHL games for the Caps and Flames.

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