Sunday, October 23, 2011

Decades and Dollars

Dale Hunter and Barry Pederson
After a distinguished playing career and over 1000 career points Hunter is trying to boost his post career resume as an NHL head coach with the Capitals.  Perderson had some great season in Boston, including 44 and 46 goal years, but he sputtered out after being traded to the Canucks for Cam Neely.  Pederson's first autograph.  
Steve Payne and Wally Weir
Payne and Weir get their first autographs in Decades.  Payne was two time all star for the North Stars.  Weir played what seems like an unremarkable 320 NHL games and 3 WHA seasons.  I was surprised to see his name on the checklist for this product.  
Jacques Martin and Gordie Howe
Martin's first autograph.  Goes into my oddball collection since Martin never played in the NHL. He was the NHL's 98/99 Jack Adams award winning coach of the year. I have a few other Howe autographs but this is my first signed card, it was had at a very reasonable price.
Zenon Konopka and Steve Kasper
Kasper was another to have his fist autograph in Decades.  The Certified Collision Course Zenon Konopka is his only autograph, rather odd for a player who had lead the league in PIM two years in a row.  I missed picking one up after the initial release because I thought he would have a few more autographs to come.
Johan Backlund, Travis Morin and Mike Foligno
Backlund played a total of 40 minutes for the Flyers in 09/10.  Morin played 3 games for the 10/11 Dallas Stars.  A veteran of over 1000 NHL games Foligno now has 2 sons in the league.  
Scott Jackson and Ryan Stoa
Scott Jackson played 1 game for the Tampa Bay Lightning in 09/10.  Ryan Stoa has scored 4 goals and 7 points in 37 games as a Colorado Avalanche.  
Jason McBain and Rhett Rakhshani
From 1995-1997 Jason McBain played 9 games for the Hartford Whalers.  Rakhshani, who actually hails from Souther California, has played a handful of games for the New York Islanders. 
Nikita Nikitin, Trevor Gillies and Chris Summers
After being traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets Nikitin has become a solid NHL defenseman.  The undrafted Trevor Gillies made his NHL debut for the 05/06 Anaheim Mighty Ducks yet had to wait a few more years to get his NHL rookie card.  He has played over 50 games for the Islanders since 2009.    Summers has played in a handful of games for the Coyotes and remains with the team.
Olivier Latendresse, Cody Bass and Junior Lessard
These cards were bought in a cheap lot.  Olivier Latendresse never dressed in the NHL so it goes into my oddball collection.  Cody Bass has played for both the Ottawa Senators and Columbus Blue Jackets.  Lessard split his 27 game NHL career between the Stars and Lightning.
Slava Kozlov, Rem Murray and Michal Pivonka
Kozlov won back to back Cups with the Red Wings.  Murray's last game in the NHL was the Stanley Cup finals, playing for Edmonton in their 05/06 cinderella run.  Pivonka was a point per game player for Caps.
Ken Klee, Landon Wilson and Jeff Odgers
Klee recently retired with over 900 career NHL games.  Wilson is a journeyman who even recently played for the Dallas Stars in 2009.  Jeff Odger's 2364 NHL penalty minutes explains his role, a long time tough guy.
Jon Rohloff, Bill Berg and Steve Heinze
All of Rohloff's 150 NHL games were for the Boston Bruins. Berg played on the solid Leafs teams of the early 90s, his name may sound familiar to non Leafs fans for being a current NHL analysts.  Boston actually refused to give Heinze the #57 (referring to the ketchup), he did wear the number after being traded from the team.
Denis Pederson, Harry York and Petr Schastlivy
Pederson played just under 500 NHL games, seeing time in New Jersey, Vancouver, Pheonix and Nashville.  Harry York is one of few NHLers of Cree descent.  Schastlivy played a few seasons in Ottawa and one in Anaheim.
Eric Weinrich, Chris Terreri and Radek Dvorak
Weinrich played over 1000 NHL games.  Terreri won 2 Stanley Cups as Martin Brodeur's backup.  Dvorak now plays for the Stars, his seventh NHL stop.  

A  few TTM autographs to end,

Steve MacIntyre
Macintyre was never drafted and fought his way to the NHL, he's currently a Pittsburgh Penguin.
Jim Vandermeer
The current Shark is closing in on 500 NHL games
Mike Kaszycki
Played over 200 NHL games, most notable trophy is a Memorial Cup.

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