Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pelle Lindbergh Autograph

A small but notable mail post. With these 4 new autographs the grand total of unique NHL signatures rises to 4,654

What I started with:
A 1984/84 Philadelphia Flyers team signed pennant. Scan makes it look ok but the actual pennant was old, stained, ripped, faded and smelly. It was an easy choice to cut out the autographs I needed. Since the seller failed to mention Pelle's autograph was part of it (do your research people!) I won this thing for a fraction of what a single Lindbergh signature would have cost. It was at $15 right up until the last few seconds and I thought I was going to get a mega steal. Unfortunately for me a couple other collectors noticed Lindbergh's signature and it ended for a good deal more. The seller had a bunch of signed pennants from the 80's and if I had the funds I would have bought a few more. 

After cutting it up the end result is 4 new autographs to add to the collection.

Pelle Lindbergh
I'm thrilled to check Pelle of my want list. Not the prettiest of his autographs but its hard to complain considering the rarity of his signature. The Swedish goalie won the 1985 Vezina Trophy as the NHL's best goaltender, the first European to ever win the award. He was also a First Team All-Star that season. A few months later the 26 year old star lost control of his sports car and died.

Miroslav Dvorak
Czech defenceman Miroslav Dvorak was a seasoned professional before he made his way to North America. He was a member of the Philadelphia Flyers from 1982-1985. He passed away in 2008 from throat cancer.

Derrick Smith
I had written a TTM request to Smith but never got a response so this will do just fine for now. From 1984 to 1994 Derrick Smith played well over 500 games in the NHL. He was a longtime Flyer but also suited up for the Minnesota North Stars/Dallas Stars. 

Len Hachborn
A Brantford, ON native and childhood friend of Wayne Gretzky, Len Hachborn played 100+ games in the NHL with the Flyers from 1983 to 1986. 

The following cuts from this pennant have been to added to my trade list. All are available as I already had these NHL signatures.

Bob Clarke

Bob Froese

Brian Propp

Lindsay Carson

Ron Sutter

Mark Howe

Doug Crossman

Murray Craven

Ilkka Sinisalo

Tim Young

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