Friday, August 21, 2015

NHL Backups Only

This isn't a mail post, but one that will be consistently updated and added to the Collection page. Other than my NHL year by year debut collection, I have posted my WHA autographs and now my NHL backup goalies. To come are my autograph collections of female players and NHL head coaches, assistant coach and general managers who never played in the league. 

I have two blogs, this one and Benchwarmers, a blog about my little niche in hockey history, goalies who have appeared in the NHL as backups but never dressed in the NHL. I've managed to uncover 145 goalies who have only appeared in the NHL as backups. If you want more information for any goalie, click their name and you will be directed to my other blog. I have written a blog post for each goalie with a bio, picture, stats and confirmed NHL games. 

From a hobby perspective these goalies are interesting because when they sit on the bench of an official NHL game, they are eligible for NHL rookie cards, even if they never actually play. 

Note: One time NHL backup Russ Gillow played in WHA, his autograph is in that collection.

Sandy Galuppo

Michael Garteig

Darryl Gilmour

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