Monday, May 25, 2015

World Hockey Association Autographs

These are my autographs of players who only appeared in the World Hockey Association and not the NHL. I really wish ITG would have made a WHA hockey card set before they were bought by Leaf. I think a WHA themed set would be a big hit among collectors. I still have a long list of players WHA only player autographs I need and a set would surely produce some unique signers. Unlike former NHLers, it can be hard to locate WHA players as not many people write to them. Especially the ones who never played in the NHL. Its also hard to find pictures of some of them.
If you don't know anything about the WHA then you should look into in. It existed as a rival to the NHL from 1972-1979 but experienced many difficulties. Legends like Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull spent a significant amount of time in the league. The Rebel League by Ed Willes is a personal favourite book written about the WHA that I highly recommend.

Bruce Abbey

Christer Abrahamsson

Ray Adduono

Bob Ash

Freeman Asmundson

Serge Aubry

Butch Barber

Alain Beaule

Wendell Bennett

Jim Benzelock

Bill Berglund

Jean Bernier

Bill Blackwood

Kerry Bond

Don Borgeson

Brian Bradley

Duane Bray

Bob Brown

Brad Buetow

Don Burgess

Jeff Carlson

Steve Carlyle

Jean-Yves Cartier

Jack Chipchase

Keith Christiansen

Ray Clearwater

Ron Climie

Brian Coates

Howie Colborne

Gaye Cooley

Roger Cote

Tom Cottringer

Mike Curran

John Danby

Bill Davis

Ken Desjardine

Brian Derksen

Pete Donnelly

Richard Dumas

Bill Evo

Craig Falkman

Richard Farda

Mike Ford

Rick Fraser

John French

Gord Gallant

Andre Gaudette

Sam Gellard

Brian Gibbons

Bill Gilligan

Russ Gillow

Tom Gilmore

Rejean Giroux

Dave Given

Alan Globensky

Bill Goldthorpe

Frank Golembrosky

Bill Gratton

Jean-Guy Gratton

John Gray

Gary Gresdal

Pierre Guite

Ron Hansis

Ted Hargreaves

Murray Heatley

Clay Hebenton

Don Herriman

Mike Hobin

Leif Holmqvist

Ralph Hopiavouri

Dave Inkpen

Jeff Jacques

Dennis Kassian

Bill Klatt

Floyd Lahache

Curt Larsson

Don Larway

Len Lilyholm

Mats Lindh

Doug Lindskog

Dan Lodboa

Larry Lund

Al MacKenzie

Peter Marrin

Larry Mavety

Don McCulloch

John Migneault

Brian Morenz

Wayne Mosdell

Greg Neeld

Dick Paradise

Rusty Patenaude

Jean Payette

Gene Peacosh

Ross Perkins

Jan Popiel

Rich Pumple

Cap Raeder

Jerry Rollins

Bob Roselle

Dunc Rousseau

Pierre Roy

Bob Russell

Al Rycroft

Blaine Rydman

Buzz Schneider

Rick Sentes

Jim Shaw

Byron Shutt

Bob Sicinski

Mike Sleep

Ross Smith

Dan Spring

Bill Steele

Ken Stephanson

Mike Stevens

Danny Sullivan

Cal Swenson

Gord Titcomb

Craig Topolnisky

Jerry Trooien

Gordon Tumilson

Jim Turkiewicz
Pierre Viau

Mario Viens

Brian Walsh

Ed Walsh

Ron Walters

Pat Westrum

Bob Whidden

Alton White

Ian Wilkie

Wayne Wood

Dale Yakiwchuk

Lynn Zimmerman

Jerry Zrymiak

Wayne Zuk


Ray Kinasewich

Bill Needham

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  1. great site,love the wha, searching your site for all the pics i can find!