Saturday, February 7, 2015

January 2015 Mail

18 new autographs have arrived in my mailbox since the last post. The grand total of unique NHL player signatures now stands at 4,236. I'm busy and broke with school so mostly TTM autographs to show this month.

Anders Kallur
In 1980 Anders Kallur and his Swede teamate, Stefan Persson, became the first Europeans to win the Stanley Cup. Kallur was a member of all four New York Islanders Cup winning teams. He's been a european scout with the Islanders since 1989. This card is from a 1997 European multi sport set. Its  /2000 on the back. I had known about them but never had the chance to purchase one until now.

Mikko Luoma
A decorated player in the European leagues, Mikko Luoma spent 1 season in North America. He played 3 NHL games with the 2003/2004 Edmonton Oilers and tallied 1 assist. 

Ronnie Sundin
Swedish defenceman Ronnie Sundin spent one season in North America. He played 1 NHL game with the 1997/98 New York Rangers and spent the rest of his time in the AHL. No relation to Mats Sundin, Ronnie won an Olympic gold medal in 2006 with Sweden.

Louis Domingue
I happend to have had this autograph in my stash of junior signatures. Now it gets added to my official NHL total. Louis Domingue recently made his NHL debut in net with the Arizona Coyotes.

Kris Fredheim
Defenceman Kris Fredheim was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks in 2005 but was never signed by the team. After 4 years at Colorado College he was offered an NHL contract from the Minnesota Wild. He played 3 NHL games for the Wild during the 2011/2012 season.

Trevor Frischmon
An undrafted Colorado College alumni, Trevor Frischmon played 3 NHL games with the 2009/2010 Columbus Blue Jackets. He later signed with the New York Islanders but was never able to crack their NHL roster. 

Dave Morissette
Tough guy Dave Morissette accumulated 57 penalty minutes in 11 career NHL games with the Montreal Canadiens. His claim to fame is winning a fight against Bob Probert. He currently works as a TV hockey analyst in Quebec.

Thomas Rundqvist
Thomas Rundqvist came to the North America for one season of pro hockey. He played 2 NHL games with the 1984/1985 Montreal Canadiens but spent most of the year in the AHL. He won 2 Olympic bronze medals with Sweden, 1984 and 1988. 

Doug Hicks
Between 1974 and 1983 Doug Hicks played 561 regular season games in the NHL. Drafted 6th overall by the North Stars in 1974, he also played with the Blackhawks, Oilers and Capitals. His brother, Glenn, also played in the NHL. I wish I would have asked him if he knew Glenn's whereabouts as I still need his signature. 

Mike Greenlay
Mike Greenlay appeared in net with the Edmonton Oilers for 2 NHL games during the 1989/1990 season. He's currently a color commentator with the Minnesota Wild. 

Kent Paynter
I really like Kent Paynter's inscription here, he's from my home province and lives a short drive away from where I grew up. Between 1987 and 1994 Paynter played 37 regular season games and 4 playoff games in the NHL. He was a member of the Blackhawks, Capitals, Jets and Senators. 

Bengt Lundholm
Bengt Lundholm was a member of the Winnipeg Jets from 1981 to 1986. He scored 48 goals and 143 points in 275 career NHL games. Lundholm won an Olympic bronze medal with Sweden in 1980.

Bobby Lemieux
Defenceman Bob Lemieux played 19 NHL games with the 1967/68 Oakland Seals. He was recently featured in a Globe and Mail article about concussions. 

Marty Pavelich
As a member of the Detroit Red Wings Marty Pavelich won the Stanley Cup championship in 1950, 1952, 1954 and 1955. Between 1947 and 1957 he played well over 700 regular season+playoff games in the NHL. At 87 years old he's one of the last remaining players from his generation but he's still got a wonderful signature. 

Wayne Maxner
From 1964 to 1966 Wayne Maxner played 62 NHL games with the Boston Bruins. He stepped behind the bench after hanging up his skates and from 1980 to 1982 was head coach of the Detroit Red Wings. A Halifax native, he was inducted into the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame in 1992.

Gord Turlik
Gordon Turlik was held scoreless in 2 NHL games with the 1959/1960 Boston Bruins.

Hillary Menard
Hillary Menard played 1 NHL game with the 1953/54 Chicago Blackhawks. I thank his brother, Howie, for forwarding me Hillary's address. 

Wayne Hicks
Wayne Hicks' 1 regular season and 1 playoff game were enough to get his name engraved on the Stanley Cup as a member of the 1960/61 Chicago Blackhawks. He played 115 regular season games in the NHL between 1960 and 1968. He played for the Blackhawks, Canadiens, Penguins and Flyers. His son, Alex, also played in the NHL. 
Just 1 autographs to show this post that falls outside of my NHL player collection.

Bill Evo
Between 1974 and 1976 Bill Evo scored 14 goals and 32 points in 97 career games in the WHA. He played for the Michigan Stags, Edmonton Oilers and Cleveland Crusaders. He wrote me back a nice note staying his favourite memories were playing against Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull. 
I now have my entire WHA collection scanned, maybe I should post it soon?

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