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Mail - 29 New Signatures

I have finally completed the long task of scanning and organizing the collection by year of debut. You can now see my entire signature collection here. Back to posting mail. 29 new signatures have been added to the collection since the last mail post. The Cherie Piper ITG Going for Gold autograph at the end of the post has been my #1 most wanted card for years. There aren't many of them floating around and I finally got my hands on one. It has inspired me to expand my women's autograph collection to try and get one of each player who has been a member of the USA or Canada national teams.

Dollard St. Laurent
With so few certified autographs on the market and such a great signature, this Dollard St. Laurent is my first star of the post. The defenceman won the Stanley Cup with the Habs in 1953, 1956, 1957 and 1958. He was later sold to Chicago and helped the Blackhawks capture the 1961 Stanley Cup. 

Marc Tardif
Marc Tardif started and finished his career in the NHL but had his best seasons while playing in the WHA.  He scored 71 goals for the 1975/76 Quebec Nordiques. Tardif won the Stanley Cup in 1971 and 1973 with Montreal.  When the Quebec Nordiques joined the NHL he became's the franchise's first NHL captain.  He was later named to the 1982 NHL All-Star team. 

Darcy Rota
Darcy Rota made his NHL debut with the 1973/1974 Chicago Blackhawks.  His best years, however, were his last three while playing with Vancouver.  He helped them reach the 1982 Stanley Cup finals, scored a career high 42 goals in 1982/83 and then made the 1983/84 NHL All-Star team.  A neck injury he suffered in 1984 prematurely ended his career. 

Pat Price
In 1974 Pat Price was one of hockey's best paid players.  As an 18 year old projected superstar he signed a $1.3 million dollar deal with the WHA's Vancouver Blazers. Price never meet the high expectations set out for him and left the team after just 1 season.  He managed a respectable NHL career, playing well over 700 games between 1975 and 1988. This particular ITG Franchises autograph seems to be more limited than most of the set's signature so I'm really glad to knock it off my list.  

Yuri Babenko
A long time pro hockey player in Russia, Yuri Babenko spent a few years in North America and dressed in 3 NHL games with the 2000/2001 Colorado Avalanche. I really like this KHL card, with Babenko hoisting the Gagarin Cup.

Alexander Boikov
Between 1999 and 2001 Russian defenceman Alexander Boikov played 10 games in the NHL with the Nashville Predators. 

Taylor Hall
The price of 2010 1st overall pick Taylor Hall's certified autographs slowly dropped all summer to the point where I was able to buy one at a very reasonable price. Ironically, I won a cheap Jordan Eberle autograph the same day but I'm currently having issues with the seller, who I do not believe shipped me the card. 

Eddie Lack
Lack was an undrafted Swedish goalie when the Canucks signed him.  In 2013/14 he not only played his first NHL game, but assumed the #1 role in net with the Canucks after Luongo was traded. This autograph and the next 3 came from a local card show here in Halifax.

Danny DeKeyser
Defenceman Danny DeKeyser was a highly courted undrafted college player when he was signed by the Detroit Red Wings in 2013. The late bloomer has already played a full season of NHL hockey. 

Josh Leivo
Josh Leivo was a 3rd round pick by the Leafs in 2011.  He scored a goal and 2 points through 7 games with the 2013/2014 Leafs. 

Alexander Semin
The Capitals selected Alex Semin 13th overall in the 2002 NHL draft. He's scored well over 200 goals in the NHL, including 40 with the 2009/10 Capitals. He was a member of Russia's 2010 Olympic team.

Michael Sgarbossa
Michael Sgarbossa was originally an undrafted free agent signing by the San Jose Sharks. He was traded to Colorado before ever dressing with San Jose.  He was held pointless in 6 NHL games with the 2012/2013 Avalanche. 

Jordan Szwarz
Drafted by Phoenix in 2009, Jordan Szwarz scored 3 goals in 26 games with the 2013/2014 Coyotes.

Brandon Kozun
The next three cards come from my stash of junior autographs. All 3 players just made their NHL debuts at the start of the 2014/2015 season. Brandon Kozun was drafted by the LA Kings back in 2009 and was traded to the Leafs last season.  He spent 5 years in the AHL before getting a crack at the big leagues. 

Griffin Reinhart
Selected 4th overall by the Islanders in 2012, Griffin Reinhart is a big defenceman. He helped his junior team capture the 2014 Memorial Cup.  He comes from a hockey family, his father was a long time NHLer and both of his brothers have played in the league. 

Calvin Pickard
A second round pick by the Avalanche in 2010, Calvin Pickard joined Colorado early into the season after a string of injuries left the team with a hole in net. His older brother, Chet, was a first round Predators' pick but never started a game in net at the NHL level.

Keith McCreary
Between 1962 and 1975 Keith McCreary played well over 500 games in the NHL.  In 1972 he became the first captain of the newly created Atlanta Flames. He died of cancer in 2003. 

Matt Campanale
Matt Campanale was signed by the Islanders in 2011 as an undrafted University of New Hampshire alumni.  The defenceman played 1 NHL game with the 2010/2011 Islanders.  

Cole Jarrett
A "one game wonder," Cole Jarrett played a single NHL game with the 2005/2006 New York Islanders. He's spent the last few seasons playing pro hockey in Austria. 

Bert Robertsson
Swedish defenceman Bert Robertsson played well over 100 games in the NHL between 1997 and 2001. He played with the Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers and New York Rangers. 

Mike Needham
Between 1992 and 1994 Mike Needham played 100 regular season+playoff games in the NHL. He suited up with the Penguins and Dallas Stars. He made his NHL debut during the 1992 playoffs with Pittsburgh and dressed in 5 games through their successful Cup run. Those 5 games earned Needham a Stanley Cup ring and his name engraved on the trophy.

Par Djoos
Between 1990 and 1993 Djoos played 82 games in the NHL.  The Swedish defenceman collected 33 points from the blueline while playing with the Red Wings and Rangers. 

Craig Endean
This was one was a little odd because Endean only signed the back of the card I had sent him and I don't know why.  I double checked the picture used and it was certainly him so I can't figure it out. To remedy the situation I just made this new card and inserted the autograph.  Craig Endean played just 2 games in the NHL, both with the 1986/87 Winnipeg Jets.

Doug Horbul
Doug Horbul scored a goal in 4 NHL games with the 1974/1975 Kansas City Scouts.

Randy Rota
Randy Rota played over 200 NHL games between 1972 and 1977.  He dressed for the Canadiens, Kings, Kansas City Scouts and Colorado Rockies. Rota recorded 38 goals and 77 points in the NHL before ending his career with the WHA's Edmonton Oilers. 

Brian Ogilvie
Between 1972 and 1979 Brian Ogilvie played 90 games in the NHL, scoring 15 goals and 36 points. He saw time with the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues. 

Ron Hurst
From 1955 to 1957 Ron Hurst played right wing with the Toronto Maple Leafs.  He scored 9 goals and 16 points in 64 career NHL games. 

Fred Shero
A few years ago I had bought a program from a celebrity dinner that took place during the 1970s.  It was signed by a number of athletes, with Shero being the only hockey personality and signature I wanted.  It was acquired at a great price because Shero wasn't advertised on the auction. I Finally got around to cutting out this signature. Turns out Shero, who passed away in 1990, actually signed it twice so I have an extra lying around. He's best known for coaching the Broad Street Bullies to two Stanley Cups but he did play in the NHL.  Shero played 145 games with the New York Rangers between 1947 and 1950.  

Pete Goegan
Between 1957 and 1968 defenceman Pete Goegan played over 400 regular season+playoff games in the NHL.  He spent most of his career with the Red Wings but ended his NHL career with the newly formed Minnesota North Stars. He passed away in 2008. 


Brian Burke
On a whim I bought a couple cheap Canucks programs that were signed by a number of home and visiting players.  The signatures were not very visible on the scans provided, which is why I acquired the programs for so cheap. Turns out I already had all of the player autographs but a couple of executive signatures didn't make it a whole loss. Since Brian Burke was with the Canucks when he signed the program, I made the index match.  I have written to Burke a couple of times with no response so I'm happy to cross his name of my wantlist.  He has been General Manager of the Canucks, Ducks and Leafs. 

Michel Bergeron
Michel Bergeron is another person I've written to with no response.  Since I don't have a current address to try him again I'm very happy to add this signature to my coaches collection.  During the 1980s Michel Bergeron was head coach of the Quebec Nordiques and later New York Rangers.

Steve Spott
From 1997 to 2013 Steve Spott coached in the OHL.  He was hired to coach the Leaf's AHL team in 2013 and was recently promoted to an assistant coaching position with the Toronto Maple Leafs. I try and collect the signatures of all NHL coachers and assistant coachers who didn't play in the league.

Troy Ward
Troy Ward started his coaching career with the NCAA in 1985 and worked his way up to the NHL. He spent 3 years as an NHL assistant coach with the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Ward is still coaching, now with the WHL's Vancouver Giants. 

Cherie Piper
I have spent years searching for this card.  When a copy finally popped up on ebay I quickly bought it with a best offer. Although I still believe I overpaid a little, I could not be happier.  There aren't many certified women's autographs on the market. A 1998 Esso Nancy Drolet is now #1 on my wantlist. With a slew of new women's autographs in Upper Deck's World Junior Canada product, I hope to be adding more female signatures soon.  Cherie Piper helped Team Canada capture Olympic gold in 2002, 2006 and 2010. 

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