Friday, October 3, 2014

A Season In Autographs: 1965/1966

1964/1965                                                                                 1966/1967

33 Players made their NHL debuts through the 1965/1966 season

Jack Stanfield made his debut during the playoffs

In The Collection: 32/33 = 97%

Paul Andrea

John Arbour

Barry Ashbee

Wally Boyer

Wayne Carleton

Dwight Carruthers

Bart Crashley

Terry Crisp

Ray Cullen

Murray Davison

Gary Doak

George Gardner

Ed Giacomin

Danny Grant

Al Hamilton

Brent Imlach

Pete Mahovlich

Don Marcotte

Gilles Marotte

Bert Marshall

Dunc McCallum

Jim McKenny

Bernie Parent

J.P. Parise

Poup Popiel

Bob Ring

Doug Roberts

Derek Sanderson

Darryl Sly

Al Smith

Gary Smith

Jack Stanfield

Mike Walton


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