Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Season In Autographs: 1955/1956

1954/1955                                                                                 1956/1957

28 Players made their NHL debuts through the 1955/1956 season.

Gerry Melnyk made his debut during the playoffs.

In The Collection: 26/28 = 93% 

Jack Bionda

Connie Broden

John Bucyk

Bill Burega

Cummy Burton

Ed Chadwick

Hank Ciesla
Wally Clune

Barry Cullen

Jacques Deslauriers

Jean-Guy Gendron

Billy Harris

Andy Hebenton

Lionel Heinrich

Bronco Horvath

Ron Hurst

Al MacNeil

Gerry Melnyk

Al Nicholson

Ellard "Obie" O'Brien

Ed Panagabko

Bob Perreault

Pierre Pilote

Claude Pronovost

Claude Provost

Henri Richard

Bob Turner

Norm Ullman

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