Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Season In Autographs: 1952/1953

1951/1952                                                                                 1953/1954

34 Players made their NHL debuts through the 1952/1953 season.

Doug "Andy" Anderson made this debut during the playoffs.

In The Collection: 28/34 = 82%

Reg Abbott

Doug "Andy" Anderson

Andy Bathgate

Frank Bathgate

Marcel Bonin

Kelly Burnett

Wareen Godfrey

Aldo Guidolin

Glenn Hall

Gord Hannigan

Gord Haworth

Jim Hay

Harry Howell

Ivan Irwin

Aggie Kukulowicz

Mike Labadie

Ed Litzenberger

Parker MacDonald

Ian MacIntosh

Willie Marshall

Frank Martin

Wally Maxwell

Jim McBurney

Hal Murphy

Ron Murphy

Jacques Plante

Dean Prentice

Dave Reid

Roland Rousseau

George Senick

Ron Stewart

Neil Strain

Jerry Topparazzini

Gump Worsley

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