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End of August 2012 Mail

Randy Wood and Greg D. Adams (b. 1983)
Randy Wood was an undrafted Yale graduate when he was signed by the New York Islanders in 1986.  He became a quality contributor to the team who had 3 seasons of 20+ goals in NY.  He enjoyed 3 strong seasons in Buffalo from 1991-94 and saw short stints with Toronto and Dallas afterwards.  He retired in 1997 as a member of the team he started playing for, the New York Islanders.  
Greg Adams played well over 1000 NHL games and enjoyed 4 seasons of 30+ goals, all but one of those being with the Vancouver Canucks.  He was an integral part of the team’s great 1994 cup run to the finals. 
Patrick Flatley and Bob Sweeney
Flatley spent all but one of his 14 NHL seasons in Long Island.  His first season with the team was in 1984.  He helped the Islanders reach the finals for the fifth consecutive time but lost the Cup to the rising Edmonton Oilers.  That would be the closest he ever got to the trophy.  A grinder, hard working fan favorite Flatley was fifth Islanders captain in franchise history.  
Bob Sweeney spent a decade in the NHL.  His best two seasons were in 87/88 and 89/90.  He scored 20+ goals and 45+ points each season that saw his team, the Boston Bruins, reach the Stanley Cup finals. 
David Oliver and Aris Brimanis
David Oliver spent two full seasons with the Oilers after the 1994 lockout and then bounced around the NHL and other pro leagues until he retired in 2007.  He appeared in over 200 NHL games, most recently with the 05/06 Dallas Stars.  
Aris Brimanis made his NHL debut with the Philadelphia Flyers in 1993/94.  He would go on to play over 100 NHL games seeing time with the Islanders, Ducks and most recently the 03/04 St. Louis Blues. 
Steven McCarthy and Ross Lupaschuk
From 1999-2004 Steven McCarthy cycled between the Chicago Blackhawks and their AHL affiliate, the Norforlk Admirals.  The defenseman found a home in Vancouver after the lockout and played with the Canucks until they traded him to Atlanta before seasons end.  He spent two full season with the Trashers before leaving for Europe in 2008.  
Originally drafted by Washington, Ross Lupaschuk came to Pittsburgh as part of the Jaromir Jagr trade.  His only 3 NHL games would come with the 02/03 Penguins. 
Cristobal Huet and Brian Pothier
Cristobal Huet is only the second France born player to make the NHL and the first goalie from the country to appear in the league.  He made his NHL debut with the LA Kings but broke out as a starting goalie with the Montreal Canadiens.  He won the 2010 Stanley Cup as Chicago’s backup goalie.  
Brian Pothier made his NHL debut with the 2000/01 Atlanta Thrashers.  He played his first full NHL season with the 05/06 Ottawa Senators. The following summer he signed with the Washington Capitals and played part of 4 seasons for the club with concussions promblems limiting his play. 
Per Gustafsson and Mick Vukota
Per Gustafsson made his NHL debut with the 1996/97 Florida Panthers.  The two way defeseman scored 29 points in 58 games with the team as a rookie.  He was traded to Toronto that summer and played 22 games for the team before he was traded again to the Ottawa Senators just before the trade deadline.  He played 9 games for the Senators and then fled to Sweden.  He scored 8 goals and 35 points in his 89 game NHL career.  
For a decade, from 1987-97, Mick Vukota was the Islanders tough guy.  In 575 regular season games he spent over 2000 minutes in the penalty box and only recorded 46 points.  His last NHL season was split between the Lightning and Canadiens.
David Moss and Jason Pominville
David Moss has already spent half a dozen years as a solid bottom line righ winger in Calgary.  He scored 20 goals during the 2008/09 season.  Moss recently signed a 2 years contract with the Pheonix Coyotes.  
Jason Pominville is the current Buffalo Sabres captain who also appeared in the 2012 All-Star game.  Since making his NHL debut in 03/04 he has spent his entire career in Buffalo and has scored at least 20 goals each season since his rookie year. 
Rick Tabaracci and Drew Bannister
After making his NHL debut with the 1988/89 Pittsburgh Penguins Tabaracci played for the Jets, Capitals, Flames, Lightning, Trashers and ended his career as a Colorado Avalanche in 2000. 
Between 1996 and 2002 Drew Bannister dressed for the Lightning, Oilers, Mighty Ducks and Rangers.
Tommy Albelin and Joel Bouchard
If you take into account playoff games then Tommy Albelin appeared in well over 1000 NHL games.  His rookie season was with the 1987/88 Quebec Nordiques and after two years with the club he was traded to the Devils.  With New Jersey Albelin won the 1995 Stanley Cup.  He played for the Calgary Flames from 1996-2001 and then returned to New Jersey were he won a second Stanley Cup ring in 2003.  He retired a Devil in 2007. 
Debuting for the 94/95 Calgary Flames Joel Bouchard also played for the Nashville Predators, Dallas Stars, Phoenix Coyotes, New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins and finally the 05/06 New York Islanders. 
Ronnie Stern and Todd Ewen
Ronnie Stern was a fierce fighter who could also contribute to the score sheet.  In 638 regular season games Stern amassed 75 goals, 161 points and 2077 penalty minutes.  Most of his career was spent in Calgary but he started it in Vancouver and ended his career in San Jose. 
Like Stern, Todd Ewen was best known for throwing punches.  He racked up 1911 penalty minutes in just over 500 games.  He won a Stanley Cup with the 1993 Montreal Canadiens. 
Brad McCrimmon and Richard Matvichuk
Brad McCrimmon was an All-Star defenceman who won a Stanley Cup with the Calgary Flames in 1989.  He finished his 1200+ game NHL career with over 400 points and a +/- rating of +444.  He passed away in the 2011 Lokomotiv plane crash, he was the team’s head coach. 
Richard Matvichuk’s NHL career began in Minnesota, playing with the 92/93 North Stars.  He followed the team to Dallas and was one of the team’s top 4 defeseman when they won the 1999 Stanley Cup.  He retired in 2007 after a couple years in New Jersey. 
Kyle McLaren and Andreas Johansson
The 9th overall pick by the Bruins in 1995 Kyle McLaren spent a dozen seasons in the NHL playing for Boston and San Jose. 
Andreas Johansson netted 81 goals and 169 points in his 377 NHL game career. He first played for the New York Islanders in 95/96 and then moved to Pittsburgh, Ottawa, Calgary, Tampa Bay, New York (Rangers) and finally the 03/04 Nashville Predators.  
Oleg Kvasha and Terry Carkner
Debuting for the 98/99 Florida Panthers Oleg Kvasha’s best NHL season was a 15 goal and 51 point 03/04 season with the New York Islanders.  His last NHL season in 05/06 was split between the Islanders and Coyotes. 
Terry Carkner spent 13 seasons in the NHL.  He helped the Florida Panthers reach the 1996 Stanley Cup final and retired with the team in 1999.  He’s the third cousin of current NHL player Matt Carkner.
 Frantisek Musil and Jimmie Olvestad
Musil spent 15 years in the NHL and suited up in well over 800 NHL games.  His son David was the 31st overall pick in the 2011 NHL, getting called by the Oilers. 
Swede Jimmie Olvestad spent 2 seasons in the NHL playing 111 games with the Tampa Bay Lightning from 2001-2003.
Kyle Rossiter and Tony Granato
Kyle Rossiter made his NHL debut with the 01/02 Florida Panthers.  He played a total of 9 games for the franchise up until the trade deadline of 2004 when he was dealt to the Atlanta Thrashers.  He played 2 games for the team that year and netted his only NHL point, an assist. 
Tony Granato scored 36 goals in his rookie season for the 88/89 New York Rangers and earned a spot on the NHL All-Rookie Team of 1989.  He helped the LA Kings reach the 1993 Stanley Cup finals.  That season also saw him score 37 goals, his fourth 30+ NHL goal season.  As a San Jose Shark he played in the 1997 NHL All-Star Game and won the 1997 Bill Masterton Trophy. He has coached for the Avlanche and Penguins since retiring.  His sister is Hockey Hall of Famer Cammi Granato.
Jim Watson and Forbes Kennedy
Jimmie Watson spent his whole 10 year NHL career with the Philadelphia Flyers.  The 5 time All-Star is the bother of Joe Watson, who was also a Flyers Defenseman.  He won the 1974 and 1975 Stanley Cup.
Forbes Kennedy is a well known sports personality in Prince Edward Island having served as a long time local hockey coach after retiring.  Although he was born in New Brunswick he moved to PEI at an early age and became one of the province’s first NHL players. He was known as a tough customer who played in over 600 NHL games. 
Bob Dailey and George “Red” Sullivan
A 2 time NHL All-Star Bob Dailey spent 4 seasons with the Vancouver Canucks and 6 with the Flyers.  His career was ended briefly when he shattered his ankle during a game in 1981.
A 5 time NHL All-Star Red Sullivan was captain of the New York Rangers from 1957-61. This card is from the 91/92 Ultimate set, one of the first card products with an autograph parallel.  True autographs from this set are stamped, a feature hard to see but present in the scan.  
Lou Fontinato
Lou Fontinato spent 9 full seasons in the NHL and his career was ended early when he suffered a neck injury during a game that paralyzed him for a month.  He was best known for his tough physical play. 
John Tripp and Eric Meloche
A couple rare European autographs, John Tripp played 9 games for the 02/03 NY Rangers and 34 games for the 03/04 LA Kings. 
From 2001-2004 Eric Meloche dressed for 63 games for the Pittsburgh Penguins and scored 8 goals.  He scored 1 more NHL goal in 13 games for the 06/07 Philadelphia Flyers.  His father is former NHLer Gilles Meloche.
Adam Pineault and Alex Brooks
Adam Pineault was recalled for 3 games playing for the 2007/08 Columbus Blue Jackets and was held scoreless. 
Defeseman Alex Brooks played 19 games for the 2006/07 New Jersey Devils.
Kyle Okposo and Benn Ferriero
The 7th overall pick of the 2006 NHL draft Kyle Olposo has already played 4 full NHL seasons.  He enjoyed his best season yet last year scoring 24 goals for the Islanders.
Since 2009 Benn Ferriero has dressed in 92 games for the San Jose Sharks, scoring 14 goals. 
Matt Toarmina and Keith Ballard
D-man Matt Toarmina has spent parts of last two seasons with the New Jersey Devils and recently signed a new contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning. 
With over 500 NHL games already on his resume Keith Ballard continues to be a solid NHL defenseman.  The 11th overall pick of the Sabres in 2002, Ballard made his NHL debut with the 05/06 Coyotes. 
Fredrik Norrena and Joe Daley
Fredrik Norrena won an Olympic Silver Medal as Finland’s backup goalie during the 2006 Winter Games.  From 2006-2008 he appeared between the pipes 100 times for the Columbus Blue Jackets. 
From 1968-1972 Joe Daley played 105 NHL games between the Penguins, Sabres and Red Wings.  He enjoyed his greatest success as the Winnipeg Jets goalie for their entire 7 year WHA existence.  He currently operates a hockey card store in the area. 
Martin Biron and Tomas Vokoun
The current New York Rangers backup goalie Martin Biron saw his first taste of NHL action for the 95/96 Buffalo Sabres. The 500 game NHL vet remained with the Sabres until a 2007 trade to the Flyers. 
A two time NHL All-Star Tomas Vokoun recently signed with the Pittsburgh Penguins.  He holds numerous franchise records for the Nashville Predators having been with the team from their inaugural season to 2007.
Kari Lehtonen
The 2nd overall pick of the 2002 NHL draft Kari Lehtonen spent 5 years with the now defunct Atlanta Thrashers before moving on to the Dallas Stars.  He holds nearly all important franchise goalie records for the Thrashers including most games played, wins, and shutouts. 
Zenith Komarniski and Pat Leahy
Zenith Komarniski played 18 games for the 99/00 Vancouver Canucks, 1 game for the 02/03 Canucks and 2 games for the 03/04 Columbus Blue Jackets. 
Pat Leahy made his NHL debut for the 03/04 Boston Bruins. He would play 49 games for the franchise until 2006.  His last taste of the NHL was a one game call up for the 06/07 Nashville Predators.  He scored 4 goals and 8 points for the Bruins in 05/06.
Ken Berry and Jim Agnew
Ken Berry’s 55 game NHL career came from parts of 2 seasons with the Edmonton Oilers and another 2 with the Vancouver Canucks.  He was a Memorial Cup winner and Canadian Olympian before dressing in the big leagues. 
From 1986-1992 Jim Agnew played just over 60 games for the Vancouver Canucks.  Injuries forced him to retire after playing 16 games for the 92/93 Hartford Whalers.  He only netted 1 NHL point, an assist, in 85 games. 
Bob Chrystal and Dave Richardson
Bob Chrystal spent 2 full NHL season playing for the New York Rangers.  From 1953-55 he scored 11 goals and 25 points for the Rangers. 
Dave Richardson skated in 45 NHL games from 1963-68.  He suited up for the Rangers, Blackhawks and Red Wings. 
Hugh Coflin and Ross Brooks
Hugh Coflin played 1 season, 31 games, for the 50/51 Chicago Blackhawks scoring 3 assists. 
Ross Brooks made his NHL debut for the 72/73 Boston Bruins at 36 years old.  He appeared in 54 games over 3 seasons with the club.  He is also notable for being the first Jewish NHL goaltender.
Mike Blake and Mike Moffat
Over 3 seasons, from 1981-84, Mike Blake backstopped 40 NHL contests for the LA Kings.
Mike Moffat appeared in 19 regular season and a further 11 playoff games for the Boston Bruins from 1981-84. 
Barrie Meissner and Norm Beaudin
Barrie Meissner played 6 games for the Minnnesota North Stars in the late 1960s  including 1 game for the inaugural 67/68 team. 
Norm Beaudin dressed in 13 games for the inaugural 67/68 St. Louis Blues.  His only other NHL action was 12 games for the 70/71 North Stars but he’s best known for playing 4 full seasons for the WHA’s Winnipeg Jets.  He scored 38 goals and 103 points for the inaugural team of 72/73 while playing on a line with Bobby Hull. 
John Markell and Rod Willard
John Markell dressed for the Winnipeg Jets, St. Louis Blues and Minnesota North Stars.  In 55 NHL games he scored 11 goals and 21 points.  For the record in my short letters to the players I do ask if they can sign on top of the faded logo.
Rod Willard played a single NHL game for the 1982/83 Toronto Maple Leafs.  He was held scoreless.  

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