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McGrattan & Ketterer

Linus Omark and Jyrki Lumme
I pulled this Omark myself from a cheap update set.  You are more likely to recognize Omark’s name for his youtube highlight reel goals he has scored in the minors.  He had a promising first year but has showed little progression since and if he does see more NHL action it will likely be outside of Edmonton.  Lumme played over 1000 NHL games, most with the Canucks in the 90s.  He was named the team’s top defenceman 4 times and was instrumental in the 94 Cup run to the finals. 

Steve Dubinsky and Rudy Poeschek
Dubinsky spent 10 years bouncing around the NHL and the minors with the Blackhawks, Flames, Predators and Blues.  Poeschek was a tough customer who fought his way into the NHL, amassing 23 fights in his first season alone with the 88/89 Rangers. 

Jay Miller and Brian McGrattan
This Jay Miller comes from Panini as it was a redemption.  At the time I redeemed it this was Miller’s only autograph but ITG has since released another hard signed autograph. See this site for just a glimse of some of his many NHL fights  McGrattan’s only certified autograph comes from this 5th anniversary B’Sens set.  It has randomly inserted autographs with this being the rare red version, I would have preferred a regular version but even those are rarely seen.  If I had to pick a favourite from this mail post it would be the McGrattan.  He's played for the Sens, Bruins, Coyotes and most recently the Predators.  

Marshall Johnston and John Miszuk
The next bunch of autographs comes from the local card shop.  They bought a great collection of autographs from a hound during the early to mid 90s when there was an AHL team in town.  Because they all come from this collection I’m sure of their authenticity but when I buy signed cards I try and make sure the autograph is clearly visable.  Johnston, who served GM of the Ottawa Senators after retiring, played over 250 NHL games with the North Stars, Barons and Golden Seals.  John Miszuk’s rookie season was a 42 games year with the 63/64 Red Wings.  His next stint in the league was not until 65/66 and it was only a 2 game stint.  The expansion of 1967 allowed for Miszuk to finally find a full time roster spot and spent two years with the original Philadelphia Flyers.  He played one more season in the NHL with the North Stars and played 3 WHA seasons from 74- 77.

Vesa Viitakoski and Milan Tichy
Viitakoski played 23 games for the Flames through 3 season from 1993-96.  He was a great AHL player but not liked by Calgary head coach Dave King so returned to Europe.  Tichy split his own 23 game NHL career with the Blackhawks and Islanders.

Anders Myrvold and Vyacheslav Butsayev
Myrvold played 33 NHL games.  The first 4 came with the Cup winning 95/96 Avalanche team.  The next year he played a few games with the Bruins.  He saw a few more games with the Islanders and his last taste of the NHL was in 03/04 with the Red Wings.  Butsayev played 132 NHL games between the Flyers, Sharks, Mighty Ducks, Panther, Senators and Lightning. 

Milos Holan and Kevin Brown
Holan played 49 NHL games but it likely would have been a lot more had he not been diagnosed with leukemia 2 months into the 95/96 season while he was a full time Anaheim Mighty Duck.  Kevin Brown played about half of his 64 career NHL games with the LA kings and the other half between Hartford, Carolina and Edmonton. 

Jordan Krestanovich and Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre
From 2001-2004 Krestanovich played 22 games with the Colorado Avalanche.  Defenseman Grand-Pierre played most of three seasons with Columbus as well as a handful of games with Buffalo, Atlanta and Washington. 

Markus Ketterer
My scanner has a tendency to cut off the top of cards so this is a actually a full card.  Ketterer is an interesting case, during the 93/94 season he sat on the Buffalo Sabres bench for 27 games as Hasek’s backup.  During that span he didn’t see a single minute of NHL action and then never got another chance, so doesn’t go down in the record books as an NHL player even though he was part of the Buffalo team from November 27th 1993 to February 2nd 1994.  This goes into my “backup only” binder. 

Gerry “Red” Ouellette and Tim Hrynewich
On to my own mail successes.  Gerry Ouellette played 34 games for the 1960/61 Boston Bruins.  Hrynewich dressed in 55 Penguins games through 2 seasons in the early 80s. 

Jim Morrison and Ray Hannigan
Morrison played over 700 NHL games through 20 years of pro hockey and then served as a Bruins scout for 18 years.  Hannigan played 3 games for the 48/49 Maple Leafs. 

Steve Maltais and Dan LaCouture
Maltais got his NHL debut with the 89/90 Washington Captials and would play 121 NHL games with the Caps, North Stars, Lightning, Red Wings and his last 26 with the 00/01 Blue Jackets.  He’s a more accomplished minor leaguer and was captain while the Chicago Wolves won 3 championships, they later retired his jersey and it hangs from their rafters.  LaCouture saw a couple season of full time NHL duty with both the Penguins and Rangers and then rounded out his 343 game career with the Oilers, Bruins, Devils and Hurricanes.

Ron Andruff and Bill Lesuk
Andruff played over 150 NHL games, mostly with the Rockies but a few with the Habs towards the end of his career.  He went on to be a very successful and distinguished businessman in New York.  Lesuk played a few games for the Stanley Cup winning 1970s Bruins but later went on to be a full time forward in the NHL and WHA for 10 years.  He played 49 games for the original Winnipeg Jets 79/80 NHL team.

Jean Lemieux and Claude Laforge
Lemieux split his 200+ NHL games with the Atlanta Flames and Washington Capitals.  Laforge played nearly 200 NHL games.  His first league action came in the Original 6 days with the Habs and Detroit.  His best season was in 67/68 while playing 63 games, netting 25 points, for the original Philadephial Flyers team. 

Dave Parro and Cliff Pennington
Parro spent a couple seasons in net for the less than stellar early 80s Capitals.  Pennington played three NHL seasons in the early 60s.  He played 4 games for the 60/61 Canadiens and then the rest of his 101 game career with the Bruins over the next two years.  

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