Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lincoln Stars and Enforcers

Bob McGill, Ed Van Impe and John Wensink
Wensink received his first autograph earlier this year in UD Tough Times.  He was indeed a tough customer and had his best years, including a 28 goal 78/79 season, for Don Cherry's Boston Bruins.  Van Impe won 2 Stanley Cups with the Philadelphia Flyers and was the second captain in franchise history.  McGill played over 700 NHL games, mostly for Toronto and Chicago.  This is his only signature card. 
Brock Trotter and Linus Klasen
For the last decade the Lincoln Stars fan club has been releasing team sets with 1 special autograph card per set.  These two are from 04/05 and along with the small certificate, the cards themselves are stamped to differentiate them from regulars.  Trotter played 2 games for the 09/10 Montreal Canadiens.  Klasen played 4 games for the 10/11 Nashville Predators.  
Chris Porter
I was lucky enough to get in contact with a member of the fan club who had some extra autographs from all three players I needed.  Picked up both of Porters for good measure.  These cards, from a couple years earlier, are stamped but don't come with the certificate.  Porter is a regular on this years surprise St. Louis Blues squad.  If he keeps this up he might actually get an NHL issue autograph. 
Jean-Francois Jacques, Rastislav Stana and Ryan Vesce
Jacques most recently played a handful of games for the Ducks this year but had previously played well over 150 games for the Edmonton Oilers dating back to 05/06.  Stana appeared in 6 games for the 03/04 Washington Capitals.  Vesce played 19 games for the Sharks from 2008 to 2010.  
Dana Tyrell and Danny Taylor
Tyrell spent the whole 10/11 season in Tampa Bay but this year was up and down between the Lightning and their AHL affiliate.  Taylor tended net for a grand total of 20 minutes for the 07/08 LA Kings, their 7th goalie that to appear in net that season. 
Nick Johnson and Scott Timmins
Johnson only played 10 games for the Penguins and has since found a home in Minnesota, playing the whole season with the Wild.  Timmins scored a goal in 19 games for the Panthers last year but has spent this season in the AHL.
Shay Stephenson
Stehphenson saw 2 games with with 06/07 LA Kings.  This card comes from a team autograph set but unfortunately has no markings to differentiate it from the base set cards.  Since Stephenson has no certified autographs this will do for my collection.
Jason King and Quintin Laing
From Corner Brook, Newfoundland I'll remember Jason King best as a Canucks were he played with the Sedins for a while on the mattress line, two twins and a king.  Post-lockout he has only seen 4 NHL games with the Anaheim Ducks.  Laing was the Capitals nominee for the 07/08 Masterton Trophy.  
Gord Strate, Jeff Madill and Dan Poliziani
Gord Strate holds the record for having the most career games, 61, without a recording a single point. Madill played 14 regular season games and 7 playoff games for the 90/91 New Jersey Devils.  Poliziani played 1 regular season game and 3 playoff games for the 58/59 Bruins.  
Dennis Beyak
The final addition to my autograph collection from these last couple weeks goes into my oddball binder as he was not a player.   He has also worked with the Maple Leafs and Oilers. 

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