Sunday, February 19, 2012

Almost 50 New Signatures

Paul Postma, Tomas Kubalik, Erik Condra
Postma is having a great season in St. John’s playing for the Jet’s AHL team. He recently represented them at the AHL All-Star game.  He has played for 3 games for the Jets this year.  Kubalik has played a few games in Columbus this year.  Condra has played in every game so far this season for the surprising Ottawa Senators, contributing 20 points.  
Gary Roberts, John MacLean, Dirk Graham
Roberts, a former 50 goal scorer, continues to add to a distinguished career after retiring as a player and now works with the Calgary Flames developing their players.  Like Roberts, John MacLean played well over 1000 NHL games.  MacLean was instrumental in New Jersey’s 1995 Cup win but is recently remembered for his shaky stint as their head coach.  Graham is best remembered for a successful career in Chicago, were he was captain for years and helped them reach the 1992 Stanley Cup finals.  
Mikael Samuelsson, Marcel Mueller
For someone who’s had a solid career like Samuelsson it is rare that they had to wait so long to get some autographs on the market.  Mueller has spent the whole year in the AHL with the Marlies. 

Alexander Godynyuk, Steve Duchesne, Don Sweeney
Godynyuk spent a few years in the NHL suiting up for the Leafs, Flames, Panthers and Whalers. Duchesne played over 1000 NHL games and retired in 2002 after winning his first and only Stanley Cup with the Red Wings.  Sweeney is one of only 4 players to have played over 1000 games as a Boston Bruin. 

Rick Wamsley, Mike Brodeur
This marks Wamsley’s first certified autographs, many years after his retirement.  He had his best years in the early 80’s with Montreal but otherwise is best remembered as a capable backup.  After seeing time in the NHL as recently as last year Brodeur seems to have stopped playing.  
Guy Chouinard
Chouinard is a member of the 50 goal club, he scored just that and finishing the year with 107 points for the 78/79 Atlanta Flames.  
Justin Mapletoft, Keith Aulie, Viktor Kozlov
Mapletoft’s only autograph, he played 38 games for the New York Islanders from 2002-2004.  Keith Aulie, the hulking 6’6 D, is still trying to prove himself in Toronto.  All I have to say about the Kozlov is how atrocious looking the autograph is.  I may have to track down his Russian signed version of this card.

Jassen Cullimore, Glen Featherstone, Kevin Todd
Cullimore, who has over 800 NHL games to his credit, played as recently as 2011 with the Blackhawks.  Featherstone was a rugged D who played for 5 different NHL teams.  Kevin Todd had a tremendous rookie season in New Jersey, scoring 63 points for the team in 91/92.  That, however, would be the best season of his career and he retired in 1999 with only 202 career points. 
Patrick Poulin, Pat Elynuik, James Patrick
Poulin was a capable scorer who had 51 points in his 91/92 rookie season before being switched to a defensive role.  Elynuik had a few great years in Winnipeg including a 32 goal, 74 point 89/90 season.  Patrick is currently an assistant coach with the Sabres, he also played well over 1200 NHL games. 
JP Anderson, Stephane Fiset, Jeff Hackett
Anderson served as an emergency San Jose Shark backup goalie January 2011.  Fiset won the Cup as Colorado backup in 1996.  Hackett was a capable NHL goalie, appearing in 500 games.  
Brian Bradley, Yuri Khmylev, Bret Hedican
Bradley became Tampa Bay’s first impact player, scoring 42 goals and 86 points in their inaugural 92/93 season.  He retired with over 500 career NHL points.  Yuri was only at the end of his career when he came to North America, winning an Olympic Gold in 1992.  He still enjoyed a couple good seasons in Buffalo.  Hedican retired with over 1000 NHL games and a Stanley Cup ring from 2006.  
Steve Washburn, Dan Cloutier, Michal Grosek
Washburn played the better part of a seson in Florida then had some short stints in Vancouver and Philly.  Cloutier is best remembered for his time as starting goaltender in Vancouver from 2001 to 2004.  Grosek enjoyed a cereer year in Buffalo in 98/99, scoring 20 goals, 50 points and adding 102 penalty minutes.  He fizzled after leaving the Sabres and ended his career in Europe.  
Jim Neilson
Starting in 1962 Neilson was a fixture on the New York Ranger’s blueline for 12 years.  He ended his career as one of Gretzky’s first pro teamates on the 78/79 WHA Oilers.  
Bill Lindsay, Mikael Andersson, Daniel Goneau
Lindsay was part of the Panther’s 1996 Cup run to finals.  Andersson played over 700 games for 5 different clubs.  Daniel Goneau only played 53 NHL games, all for the Rangers.  
Marty Murray, Lonny Bohonos, Geoff Sanderson
Murray saw his last NHL time in 2007 with the LA Kings.  Bohonos played 83 NHL games between Toronto and Vancouver.  Sanderson was an above average NHL player for a long time and retired with 700 points and 2 NHL All-Star appearances.  
Vaclav Prospal, Aki Berg, Ken Belanger
Prospal continues to be an effective NHL player, currently a Blue Jacket.  Aki Berg was drafted 3rd overall in 1995 but never reached his potential.  He played 4 full seasons in Toronto.  Belanger was a 6’4 tough customer who played nearly 250 games.
Stephane Quintal, Kris King, Rob DiMaio
Quintal is best remembered for 7 solid seasons on the Montreal blueline.  Kris King won the 1996 King Clancy Trophy.  DiMaio played for 7 different NHL teams.
Yves Racine, Brent Gilchrist
Racine played over 500 games for 5 different NHL teams.  Gilchrist was a member of the 1998 Detroit Red Wings Cup winning team.
Christian Soucy
My only TTM autograph this mail post, Soucy appeared in a grand total of three minutes of an NHL game during the 93/94 season.  

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