Friday, December 9, 2011

Tough Junior Graphs

Aaron Johnson and Marc Andre Bergeron
These cards come curtesy of Armchair Sports Cards at more than reasonable prices.  Best spot to buy junior cards on the internet. The five cards I purchased are all for players who's only autographs are from these rare junior sets. Marc Andre Bergeron currently has 21 points in just 28 games for the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Aaron Johnson is another D who currently patrols the blue line for Columbus.  
Kirill safronov, Juraj Kolnik and Derrick Walser
From 2001-2003 Kirill Safronov played 35 NHL games, one for Pheonix and the rest for the Thrashers.   Juraj Kolnik played a few solid season in Florida.  Derrick Walser played 91 games for the Blue Jackets between 2001 and 2007.
Dale Weise, Brayden Irwin and Brett MacLean
Dale Weise is currently a full time player for the Vancouver Canucks who first played 10 games for the 10/11 Rangers.  Brayden Irwin played 2 games for the 2009/10 Maple Leafs but has since been relegated to the ECHL.  MacLean played for the Jets this year, making him an original Jet of the second incarnation.  He scored 61 goals in 61 games during his last year in the OHL for the Oshawa Generals.
Colin Wilson and Tom Wandell
The 7th overall pick of the 2008 draft, Colin Wilson has already spent 3 seasons as a reliable centre in Nashville.  Tom Wandell has spent 4 years as bottom line centre for the Stars.

Chris Kenady, Denis "D.J." Smith and Marc Chouinard.  
Kenady played 7 NHL games, 5 for the 97/98 St. Louis Blues and 2 for the 99/00 NY Rangers. Smith broke into the league in 1999/00, playing 3 games for the Toronto Maple Leafs.  His only other season in the big leagues was a 34 game season with the 02/03 Colorado Avalanche.  Since retiring he has spent many years as an assistant coach in the OHL with Windsor.  You might remember Chouinard for being a member of the 02/03 Anaheim Mighty Ducks cinderella team.  He came to Anaheim from Winnipeg in the Selanna trade and played over 300 NHL games.
Steve Kelly, Marc Moro and Jason Doig.
Steve Kelly won the Stanley Cup with the NJ Devils in 2000.  Moro is notable for being the first captain of the rejuvenated Toronto Marlies in 05/06.  He currently works as an analyst for Leafs TV.  Doig won the 1996 Memorial Cup and was on the all star team.  He was also a member of the 1997 team Canada world junior team.  
Jason Botterill, Ladislav Kohn and Johan Garpenlov.
Jason Botterill's autograph gives me my first brother sister pair of autographs, his sister being Olympic gold medalist Jennifer.  He's currently assistant GM for the Penguins.  Kohn was part of the 01/02 Red Wings Cup winning team and was awarded a ring but didn't get his name engraved on the Cup.  Garpenlov is best known for a couple strong seasons in San Jose, playing on a line with Igor Larionov and Sergei Makarov.  He was also a member of the 1996 Florida Panthers cinderella team.  
Petr Buzek, Josh Green and Jonathan Aitken
Buzek almost died in a 1995 car accident that broke both his legs.  He still reached the NHL and was the Atlanta Thrasher's first ever all-star representative.  Josh Green is currently under contract with the Oilers and is playing for their AHL team.  Aitken played half a season for chicago in 03/04. 
Cameron Mann, Denis Gauthier and Steve Halko
Mann played 94 NHL games, most for Boston and his last 4 for the 02/02 Nashville Predators.  Gauthier, son of a professional wrestler, played 10 seasons and amassed over 500 games in the NHL.  Halko holds an interesting NHL record, most career games played without a goal - 155.  
Grant Marshall, Dana Murzyn and Sandy Moger.
Marshall is a two time Cup winner, 1999 and 2000.  Murzyn patrolled the NHL blue line for 14 years and won a cup in 1989 with the Flames.  Moger played a couple hundred NHL games with the Bruins and Kings.
Richard Jackman, Chris McAllister and Brent Peterson
Jackman won the Cup with Anaheim in 2007 and is currently playing in Asia.  Chris McAllister played over 300 NHL games between Vancouver, Toronto, Philadelphia and Colorado.  There have been two Brent Petersons in the NHL.  This one was born in 1972 and played only 56 NHL games for the Tampa Bay Lightning. 
Kent Manderville, Boyd Devereaux and Jim Johnson.
Manderville won two Gold Medals with the Canadian World Junior team in 1990 and 1991 before going on to play 12 years in the National Hockey League.  Devereaux, a 2002 Cup winner with Detroit, recently competed on CBC's Battle of the Blades.  Jim Johnson, veteran of over 800 NHL games, is currently an assistant coach in Washington.  
Jason Wiemer, Adam Burt and Steven Finn
Wiemer, Burt and Finn all played over 700 NHL games.  Wiemer split his last NHL season in 05/06 between the Calgary Flames and New Jersey Devils.  Burt spent the bulk of his career in Hartford fans then followed the team to Carolina, playing for the original Hurricanes.  Finn spent most of his time with the Quebec Nordiques and even served as co-captain with Sakic during the 90/91 season but he go traded away right before his team moved to Colorado and won the Cup.
Gord Murphy, Tom Fitzgerald and Dave Karpa.
After a lengthy NHL career Gord Murphy has spent almost a decade as an assistant coach for the Blue Jackets and now the Panthers.  Fitzgerald played over 1000 NHL games but only won the Cup as an assistant coach with the Penguins in 2009.  Karpa collected over 1300 career penalty minutes in the NHL.
Peter Douris and Mark Janssens
Douris broke into the NHL with the 85/86 Winnipeg Jets. He then played 300+ games between  Boston, Anaheim and Dallas.   Janssens played 711 games in the National Hockey League and this lovely hockey card (insert sarcasm) is his only autograph. 

Brandon Mashinter 
Mashinter played a dozen games for the 10/11 San Jose Sharks and is still in their system.  On the back of this picture there is some information and a certificate of authenticity, a limited number were given out at a Worcester game.  A nice substitute for a player with no certified autograph card. 

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