Friday, March 18, 2011

Popeye Jones

Popeye Jones, Paul Gardner and Josh Tordjman
Basketball?  This is actually my first autograph from the sport but it is hockey related.  Popeye's son is a top prospect for the 2013 NHL draft.  Expect to hear more about this story as 2013 draws close.  It goes into my ever growing "oddball" binder.  Paul Gardner, while profiled here as an AHL star, managed to play just under 500 games in the NHL including a couple seasons as a Toronto Maple Leaf.
Josh Tordjman played 2 games for the Coyotes in 08/09.  Like Jones and Gardner, this is his only certified autograph card.

Tom Kostopoulos, Keith Aucoin, Jim Hrivnak and David Brumby
Some more TTM autographs for players who don't have any certified releases.  Tom Kostopoulos is an interesting case as there are very few modern day NHL players who can amass over 500 games and not be awarded with an autograph card. Keith Aucoin is still pushing for a spot on the Capitals, having played 100+ games for the team.  His AHL stats are incredible.  Jim Hrivnak played for the Capitals, Blues and Jets in his 85 game NHL career.  David Brumby goes into my 'backup only' binder, having sat on the Minnesota Wild bench.

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