Monday, September 18, 2017

The Women of Hockey in Autographs

   Although my primary collection is collection NHL autographs, I consider myself more of a 'hockey' and not 'NHL' collector. For that reason I have a decent collection of 'side' hockey signatures including International players, Officials, Coaches, Managers and one of my personal favourites, Women of the Game. ITG and Upper Deck have released a number of women hockey autographs over the years and I've managed to acquire almost all of them. I've also started a little TTM collection of female signatures that I hope to grow in the future. I'll be targeting former/current members of the US and Canada National Teams. 

Certified Autographs

Meghan Agosta

Erin Ambrose

Gillian Apps

Victoria Bach

Kelly Bechard

Ann-Sophie Bettez

Tessa Bonhomme

Jennifer Botterill

Jaime Bourbonnais

Bailey Bram

Cassie Campbell

Julie Chu

Emily Clark

Delaney Collins

Melodie Daoust

Natalie Darwitz

Sarah Davis

Ann-Renee Desbiens

Meghan Duggan

Renata Fast

Gillian Ferrari

Laura Fortino

Loren Gabel

Danielle Goyette

Cammi Granato

Geraldine Heaney

Jayna Hefford

Haley Irwin

Angela James

Brianne Jenner

Rebecca Johnston

Becky Kellar

Gina Kingsbury

Hilary Knight

Halli Kryzaniak

Charline Labonte

Genevieve Lacasse

Brigette Lacquette

Jocelyne Larocque 

Carla MacLeod

Emerance Maschmeyer

Meaghan Mikkelson

Sarah Nurse

Caroline Ouellette

Cherie Piper

Amy Potomak

Sarah Potomak

Marie-Philip Poulin

Cheryl Pounder

Jamie Lee Rattray

Manon Rheaume

Lauriane Rougeau

France St. Louis

Jillian Saulnier

Kim St. Pierre

Sami Jo Small

Colleen Sostorics

Natalie Spooner

Laura Stacey

Vicky Sunohara

Shannon Szabados

Blayre Turnbull

Sarah Vaillancourt

Jennifer Wakefield

Catherine Ward

Tara Watchorn

Katie Weatherston

Erin Whitten

Haley Wickenheiser

Stacy Wilson

Micah Zandee-Hart

I have a small but growing collection of female TTM autographs. I'd like to get more of players who where members of Olympic Gold/Silver medal teams. ….

Dana Antal

Laurie Baker

Alala Blahoski

Stephanie Boyd

Therese Brisson

Lisa Brown-Miller

Karyn Bye

Jessica Campbell

Alex Carpenter

Cindy Curley

Dara DeCosta

Lori Dupuis

Kim Insalaco

Andrea Kilbourne

Katie King

Gigi Marvin

Sue Merz

Tara Mounsey

Jenny Potter

Lesley Reddon

Angela Ruggiero

Molly Schaus

Kelly Terry

Sarah Tueting

Gretchen Ulion

Sandra Whyte


  1. That's quite the collection of female hockey players! I've always enjoyed trying to get their autographs as they're very fan friendly.

    Are you only trying to get certified autographs or do you also send to them in the mail?

    Love the Manon!

    Great blog here!

    1. Thanks Mike!
      If the player has a certified autograph, I'll try and get that. However, if they don't have one, I'll try and write to them. I plan on sending to more female players this winter. Trying to find some more of the '98 US women.